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  1. Thank you Dwarden! You aid in my noble battle against the Script Kiddies! -Derek Jenson Gods of Gaming www.gogclan.us
  2. Hey guys, I know this question may have been asked before but my searches came up nill, both on the forums and with good ole Google. My server currently runs the Wasteland Gorillas's Mission file modified by DynaMike and I am seeing a lot of entries in my remoteexec.log with the following script and I wanted to confirm if it is something innocent or is if it someone doing naughty deeds. Compile Block "if (name vehicle player == TTT5NamePl) then {_xcompiled = compile TTT5derCode;call _xcompiled;};" I've got quite a few entires from multiple GUIDs with this, and really need to know if I need to start banning these folks like I'm already doing with the ones injecting the Compile Block "call compile (MarkerText 'infi_STAR_is_AWESOME_exec')" I'd be truly obliged for any answers for this, thank you guys very much. -Derek Jenson Gods of Gaming www.gogclan.us
  3. DerekJenson

    The Shooting Range 2 by [MIC] Murcielago

    Oh! I didn't know about a DayZ Redux mod, I feel silly now. Your right thought I can simply use the normal Shooting Range. Thanks for the quick response! -Derek
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    The Shooting Range 2 by [MIC] Murcielago

    Hello Kawa, I am having trouble with the DayZ Redux version you uploaded, I installed it in my OperationArrowhead/MPMissions Directory and have been running it with the DayZ Mod but it will not fully load up, it freezes up at one point and goes no further, leaving me staring at a view of some part of Chenarus, I'd post the picture but I just registered and must have more than 1 post to attach an image. :confused: I also have no character selection screen or anything, I really hope you can help me out with this as I could really use this to help train a squad of bambi's.:) Thank you, Derek