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    How can i use the Bipod ?

    Why is everyone freaking out about this feature? ACE has been doing this successfully using the shift+space combo to rest your weapon on objects in the game world. Im sure if the devs want to implement it they can OR maybe their smart enough to focus on the things that the modding community hasn't already figured out.
  2. Mac

    Double Reload -> bullet in chamber

    It's the Admin Reload vs Tac Reload. This would be a nice addition but will require a significant amount of work to implement. New code, new animations, etc..etc...
  3. Mac

    sit prone posture

    I think the stance is a compromise between real life and the game engine, and also trying to implement different heights to engage from
  4. This is something Ive been hoping for since the OFP days, this and being able to shoot from vehicles
  5. ^This, Please BI listen to the guys who have been here since the beginning. Arma needs to stay Arma
  6. Depends on which country you're from. Many nations have combat roles open to women
  7. Mac

    How can i use the Bipod ?

    When ACE3 comes out for Arma3 then you can use shift + space :)
  8. Mac

    Question on Setting: Why 2037?

    Only reason I dont mind it is I have faith in the modding community, that they will be able to add everything else in
  9. yup its the movement speeds. Its too easy to move back and forth quickly and running is ridiculously fast. Im sure these things will be fixed.
  10. Mac

    The Grenade Thread

    For realism sake you don't ever cook your grenades. Grenade fuses are highly unreliable and nobody is trained to cook their grenades
  11. Mac

    64-bit executable

    I respect your opinion but it is foolish to assume you know what the future holds. By the time Arma 4 is released things will have changed dramatically
  12. This is a good idea, if we could bind something like: Double Tap the adjust key, to reset to center.
  13. Mac

    How Strong Will The PVP Scene Be?

    If you want to do proper military TvTs there are a few public servers out there but for the best Arma experience in both coop and tvt I segguest joining a community that fits your play style. Communities in arma range from some really hardcore milsim types to very casual and everything in between.
  14. Mac

    ArmA 3 is a Beacon of Light

    Agree with OP 100%
  15. Im with you on transitioning to the pistol on the move, but not on getting into your gear on the move.
  16. Actually, I find the movement to be much smoother and vastly improved over the past titles in the series. It just seems too quick. I want to feel the weight of the gear, and the general exhaustion of being in combat. Things are really smooth they just need to be slowed down a little.
  17. If you want to help test the game and report bugs or want to save money on the final release then buy it now in Alpha. If you just want to play the game for fun and want a polished, finished product, then wait for the final release.
  18. There are big guys and small guys in all countries. The same way there is warriors in all countries. Everybody has their tough guys its not like all guys from the US are big and all guys from Iran are small. Each country has tough guys and then not so tough guys.
  19. Mac

    Bohemia, give us an FOV slider

    Of all the suggestions I think this is one of the most important, Yes please an option to change the FOV
  20. Mac

    Character run speed

    Throw on 80 pounds of gear and dont sleep for 24 hours, then see how long you can sprint for. In combat you're never lucky enough to fight at 100%. You're always tired, pissed off, annoyed, injured, you slip, you stumble, etc...
  21. Mac

    Bi-pod and grazing fire

    Historically with Arma this has been handeled by the modding community. Until BIS does it themeselves I'm guessing we have to wait for ACE to do it
  22. The best advice I can give any new player is to join a Arma community. The level of play is a million times better than any public server. Also, little to no lag. I dont even remember the last time I played on a public server.
  23. Mac

    Take Downs.

    Take downs have no part in a simulator like arma, a knife for melee is fine but people need to understand that nobody gets stabbed and dies instantly and quietly. Its loud, gruesome, and painfull for both the guy doing the stabbing and the guy getting stabbed. So in short you could implement some sort of melee system but a "takedown instant death" is beyond dumb and doesn't belong in a simulator