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    Nicely done!! If I can just add my opinion... The bangers seem a little overpowered on the amount of damage they are doing, and the noise needs to have more high end, more of a loud crack that makes you go deaf. But nice work otherwise
  2. Mac

    The Grenade Thread

    You are correct about the A2 grenade mechanics, they were terrible. The A3 mechanics are great but the problem is the 1-click insta grenade, its too quick and simple in a game striving for realism. Grenades should be equipped like other weapons so that it simulates taking a grenade out of a grenade pouch and prepping it.
  3. Nicely done !! I can see this becoming one of the must have mods like ace/acre
  4. Mac

    Seattle Map into ARM III

    The devs don't have to be the ones to do this guys, this is Arma !! All we need is some enthusiastic map makers in the community to take on the challenge
  5. Mac

    Customize field of view!

    You can tweak it in the config files but there is no in game option to do so yet. I play with a fov around 105. I'd also like to see this implemented into the game for easy use
  6. Mac

    Why no NVG in Night showcase?

    Well a firearm, even when fired with a SUPPRESSOR, especially at night, is still very loud
  7. Im not sure what you mean. Do you want to see tracers in the distance without them actually being fired from a weapon? Like scripted tracers just for show?
  8. Mac

    Ghost hawk gunner view opinions?

    I'd like to see freelook for gunners back in the game also.
  9. Mac

    Backpacks, looting, stealing, teamkilling

    Probably because Arma was not made specifically for wasteland. You should probably voice these concerns where the developers of the wasteland mod can see it
  10. Mission balancing will come with proper mission design. It is not the job of developers to tweak RL characteristics of a weapon/vehicle/etc especially in a mil-sim.
  11. Mac

    Recoil improvement in beta?

    I see a massive improvement in beta compared to alpha. Is it just me getting better or did they make some changes?
  12. You guys gotta have some patience. Think of A2 on release and then the polished A2. Then think how A3 is now (before release) and how it will be once it is polished and gets picked up officially by the major arma communities. Then think of the modding community and what they will also bring to the table for many years to come.
  13. Not sure if trolling or crazy
  14. I thought the same thing as you at first, then I realized they are just showcases trying to display the new features (like lighting at night, hence why we probably don't get NVGs in that mission) If you're like me and enjoy realistic gameplay try joining an Arma unit that promotes realistic gameplay