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  1. BlackViperGaming

    [WIP] Airfield Logistics

    Maybe contact the guys working on the USS Nimitz port-over, they have a working tow script I think. -Black Viper
  2. BlackViperGaming

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    I would just love to see the Barrett MRAD, it combines mobility with firepower. Considering how amazing your models and textures are I think that you would be the perfect one to do it. Just a suggestion as always... -Black Viper P.S. Cannot wait to see the Bushmaster ACR, I might have asked you before but will it be the regular ACR or the ACR Enhanced, with the quad rail forgrip? Anyways great job as always!
  3. BlackViperGaming

    TMR Modular Realism

    This has probably been posted in the past. But I cannot be bothered to use the BI Forums built in search functions so here goes. Have you considered creating the 2d scopes for other addons? I would love to see them implemented as they are far more realistic and easier to handle than the stock BI 3d scopes. I frequently shoot and I can confirm that the 2d way you have done it is very realistic. Also I had posted a while ago if you were able to make another PBO which would completly disable 3rd person for everyone playing on your server without having to change the difficulty to veteran. Well I will go back to that post and look a bit into if this was answered, but if you didn't answer it could you? If either of these questions have been asked and answered before please just link me to the answer and I'll be happy. :)
  4. BlackViperGaming

    The Enhanced Vehicle Features Mod

    Well if you cannot model or do the animations...how do you intend to actually make this work. From what I know this is not possible what you are saying.
  5. BlackViperGaming

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Maybe try LEFT CTRL + MOUSEWHEEL, I just say that because that is the same key binding for the standalone version of incremental door opening. I think.
  6. Did you seriously not look at the two posts above? Holy Shit!
  7. BlackViperGaming

    AirFell's Keypad

    Well, I know that in takistan life it was set within the init field of the object set as the keypad in the mission editor. Sure it wouldn't stop people from opening up the mission and checking it...kinda how I broke into it in the first place. LOL, but the average person will not figure out how to do that...Oh and I think it would be best if it wasn't side specific, say it there was a mission where you had to infiltrate the enemy base...and the enemies were players as well. But thier armory, where all the ammo is stored would be within an area only accessable by the keypad. You theoretically take one of them out, get the code from them (interrogation). Take thier clothes, walk in plant a bomb and get out of thier. But primarily I would have this on a clan based server where only clan members knew the code to get into the area for the clan specific vehicles and such. Hope this helps, Black Viper P.S. If you could somehow in the future make another version of this script where you would have to use a key-code in order to enter a vehicles...to virtually eliminate vehicle stealing I think that would be pretty cool as well. :D Good Luck!
  8. BlackViperGaming

    AirFell's Keypad

    Please, please, please. Please if you could please, make this into a script where you can add the action to an already placed object, lets say a sign. You walk up to this sign which is lets say right in front of a large square made by h-barriers, you scroll on the sign, enter the correct code and upon hitting enter the h-barrier directly in front of you is then sent underground for about 30 seconds, thus giving you enough time to get into the compound before it closes behind you, then there is another sign on the other side of the h-barrier allowing you to once again type in the same code and exit the same compound. This was done in takistan life on Arma 2, and I have been trying forever to get this to work in arma 3. Thanks so much for this, and if you can actually get my suggestion to work, I WILL LOVE U FOREVER BRO!
  9. Hey everyone, and specifically Bohemia Interactive. I would like to bring attention to this new flight model that BI plans on implementing in their new Helicopter DLC for Arma 3. I myself am very curious on how this is to be implemented. My main concern is will this new flight model be completely overriding the old "Arma"(for lack of a better term) flight model. If the answer is NO, my question is, will you be able to freely be able to decide which flight model you prefer, exactly like the current dev-branch where you can select it within the menu? Myself and countless others have learned how to fly extremely well on the "Arma" flight model through countless hours of practice. We enjoy how it is fairly easy, while still having a level of difficulty to it. Sure its not "realistic", but this is a game,it should be fun and easy to enjoy, I realize it could also be considered a "military simulation", but I feel that title should stay with VBS. So if you are going to implement this new flight model, please leave the option up to the player. If the answer is YES, then I am afraid you will loose quite a few supporters quite frankly for reasons I have stated above. I would consider that to be a terrible business decision and I myself will most likely choose to play another game instead. In any case, those are my thoughts on this, and I thought I would put that out there for the community and BI to consider hopefully. I fully respect the fact that BI is trying to make Arma a higher fidelity sim, and I encourage that. Since I know there is no stopping the new flight model, I would also like to bring this video created by Dsylecxi to everyone attention. I feel that if BI is going to release a new flight model for helos, that these changes are a must. One thing I would also like to add is that I feel the whole 2d instrument overlay on the screen is a huge immersion killer. I know some hardcore realism players out there will absolutely get driven up the wall about that, if your going to bring new gauges, at least take the time to model them into the actual airframe. Please do not bring a broken flight model into a fairly stable game.
  10. BlackViperGaming

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Just a suggestion, I would make the honeycomb on the killflash a little bit less pronounced, in real life you would be focusing on the red dot and the target, hence making your eyes focused on that rather than the honeycomb of the killflash.
  11. BlackViperGaming

    UIcorrections Suite

    Now I fee like a complete idiot. Thanks for actually making the version that I requested. :D Honestly I was going to come back and say, "Well you could just remember how many magazines you had before you left and then count down as you went through them" trying to justify the reason to have the mag counter and grenade counter. But then I came to realize that that isn't realistic at all. Yes, you would have to check your backpack or your vest to see how many mags you have left. Thanks for the special version and I've tried it out and its all good and well. Then I also downloaded the rest of the pack and tried out your regular UIAmmocount.pbo. And now I feel bad for suggesting that you spend your time on something that I actually wont use. Sorry to say that, but your original version is soo much better. Thanks anyway. :D
  12. BlackViperGaming

    Pilot Training Autorotation

    I was playing around in the editor, trying to make a mission for myself to test my skills at autorotation. I finally was able to get it to work and I thought hey, I might as well release this. So in the mission you spawn on the airfield, and you can select which helicopter you wish to fly and once you are in the air you have the option to kill the engine (removes all fuel) and see if you can land safely without any harm to you or the helicopter. For this mission, you as the player are invincible. But be careful, as your aircraft are not. I find this extremely helpful in learning how to fly helos. How to use the commands (keys to hit, [not on the numpad, only under F1-F12]) 0-0-1 Will get rid of all fuel, disabling the engine causing you to drop out of the sky 0-0-2 Will add back all of the fuel allowing to you take off again 0-0-3 Will set the helicopter back to full health if you accidentally mess up on your autorotation This is meant to go in conjunction with Dsylexci's amazing autrotation tutorial in his Art of Flight videos: Heres a few screenshots, mainly just because I feel that everything released for arma should have some sort of screenshot displaying something. Currently this is only for singleplayer, but if any of you would like a version working with multiplayer let me know and Ill consider making a muliplayer compatible version. Download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jb2u45e6g4vnwrv/pilot_training_autorotation.7z Armaholic mirror: - Pilot Training Autorotation
  13. BlackViperGaming

    TMR Modular Realism

    Hey Tao, absolutely love the mod, its great fun playing with it, makes immersion soo much better. Would it be possible to add a first person only mod to TMR? I know you can disable it in the options, but I want it to be mandatory for my community. Thanks! :D