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  1. Bump, the old Sixupdater works fine with Arma 3. I haven't switched to playwithsix. As I don't quite know how to switch the database.
  2. Hello mates, I just wanted to ask if there is a way of making a back up of my presets in the Six Updater? Do I need the updater.yml for it or do I need to make a backup of the users folder? The backgroud is, my Gaming Harddrive shows LBA Errors, and I need to replace it. The problem is, my Six Updater Folder is also on said Harddrive. And due to testing I have a load of Presets. Cheers mates, Wolf out!
  3. @sproyd strange, I never got spotted, but then I played with the Beta patch. With it they can't see you through bushes or grass anymore, if it is higher than you. However they can hear you, and come running to find you. If they can't see you it's an exercise in futility, though. Interestingly, if they hear your shot through the artillery barrage depends on the time of firing compared to the time of impact of the rockets. As for the sniper rifle vs. Silenced Assault Rifle, I agree the silence Assault Rifle would be better.
  4. Hello mates, I've got a small or rather big question about the Six Updater. Is there a way to back up your presets and other settings? Do I need to backup the updater.yml, or the Sixupdater folder in Users? I want to avoid having to make them all over again since I usually have the following preset setup. Mod X Mod X+Basic Mods (JSRS+Blastcore+GL sights+ST Hud+ST Movements+CBA) Mod X+Basic Mods+Beta Mod X+Basic Mods+ACR Mod X+Basic Mods+ACR+Beta Mod X+Basic Mods+ACE ....... Rinse and repeat. I had to redo all that stuff a few months ago when the bootdrive failed, and now my gaming drive is failing, and needs replacement, so I don't want to do it all over again. Greetings Wolf
  5. Polarwolf

    ACR Patrol rearming Possible?

    Ah ok, Thanks. I meant the failed mission message. Refueling in the village works though. I finished the mission, by treating the Pandur as an armored Taxi. Well in the later stages. It seems like I killed off all the BRDM-2s before the AI wasted the ammo. The M240 sure helped with the Infantry and technicals though. Still the AI wastes a lot of ammo shooting at the Technicals instead of aiming for the crew.
  6. Polarwolf

    ACR Patrol rearming Possible?

    @Placid Paul, so you got the error message before you reached the second FOB? So you can't get there without getting smacked by the trigger?
  7. Polarwolf

    ACR Patrol rearming Possible?

    Thanks for the reply, well it seems that I have to reload an earlier save. Usually I did most of the shooting myself, when mounted and used the Pandur as fire support base, for both fire teams when dismounted. Works well if the targets are infantry, since then the AI uses only the coax. I think I have to permanently fire that gunner! ;-)
  8. I finally finished this campaign a few weaks ago. It was one hell of a ride, a really good campaign, I really enjoyed it and got mad when Archangel was killed. I got all my men through each mission beforehand, and now that damn Cruchev got him. Some small things, I would also reccomend that you put in the HC Force Move command into all missions, especially in the early missions, it helped when the AI went bonkers. The communications officer in Avarice nearly drove me mad, since the AI got me caught countless times, but i was happy that when I got him. Mando's missile seems to have a problem when it comes to locking onto vehicles inside a hangar, I had to run back and scavenge some RPG-7s. Outlaw torn was great, and I finished it without killing a single enemy. I didn't go back to the crash-site though. The mission was great, it felt more like the old Ghost recon, and it was an exciting mission. I liked the Namalsk missions, however: Oh and in Faith lost, you truly feel overwhelmed. The mission is scary and hard to survive, if you're playing it without using your brains. And thanks for the mortar, it certainly saved the situation. I liked the ending, a fitting one and not like the Operation arrowhead ending, which seemed a bit strange. All in all, this campaing is like the COD Modern Warfare 2 story done right. Not so rushed, with a believeable antagonist. In a way it was a flashback to the old days, and playing games like ghost recon and Rainbow Six. Oldschool but well done oldschool. Though a few more comments from blue, rivet and patches wouldn't have hurt. The voice over was great for the atmosphere, though when I started ST6 Devgru afterwards and heard my Character speaking for the first time, it was a shock! Whaaaa! What is chruchev doing here!? Sierra Hotel! Wolf out!
  9. Good evening, I'm Playing the Army of the Czech Republic Campaign right now, and I have a question concerning the Patrol mission (Pandur II). Can I rearm my Pandur somewhere in that mission? My gunner, in all his wisdom, chose to shoot at a BRDM and wasted all the 30mm ammunition. Nevermind that there was a Wood inbetween them, and that he had HE rounds loaded. And then the "genius" had to use High RPM too! And so he happily blasted away all ammunition, even the AP. The final body-count was one BRDM-2, ten woodpeckers, fifteen squirrels, and an undisclosed number of sparrows. ;) I was leading my Fire-teams dismounted at that time. Refueling should be possible, atleast according to the map, repairing at the FOB works. But I can't se an ammo-truck or ammo dump. Do you know if it's possible to rearm somewhere in the mission? I still have the spike LR and the 240, but I don't think they will be enough. Besides it would be nice, if that captain would leave the entrace to the FOB, overruning an superior officer leads to an atrocious amount of paperwork. ;) About me, I've been playing Arma for a year, and my Roots are in the Military Flightsim scene, I used to play some OPF and a bit of Arma 1, but I really started with arma 2. So I'm neither a total noob, nor an expert. As you probably could've guessed my humor ranges from black to evil! ;) Clear skies and many happy landings Wolf