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  1. Has Bohemia considered partnering with the Aether Engine?
  2. Lewis.A

    Upgraded Ranks

    Has any discussion taken place on further flushing out the ranks available to units in ARMA 3? Have you considered adding ranks such as Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, First Sergeant, etc.? I ask from the stand-point of better, or more precise, military simulation. Thanks.
  3. Lewis.A

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Great Mod! Question... has anyone been able to get RHS, ALiVE, and the USAF mods working together? Is the combination of mods simply too much for a server to handle? Is anyone aware of any conflicts between the mods, along with a good fix, or configuration?
  4. Lewis.A

    Fayshkhabur Release thread.

    We're testing it now for our next modpack update!
  5. Great work on the MH-47E... we will be testing it for the 7th Cavalry!