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  1. so i was playing the game today and the radio subtitles just randomly dropped and have never came back despite many game and computer restarts. this is really irritating because i cant see what squad members are saying in single player and cant see any scripted mission subtitles meaning if i miss hearing something i can never see it again. also i cant see ANY multiplayer messages meaning if other players are talking i cant read it, also i cant see any server messages or any messages regarding players connecting or disconnecting. this is annoying and gets rid of the whole teamwork aspect of the game for me as it completely isolates me from the rest of my team. if anyone knows how to fix this PLEASE tell me ASAP as the multiplayer aspect is basically unplayable for me.
  2. mechwarrior

    AI Problems

    AI have god like vision. they may not see you from really far and they may not see you through smoke but they still have a very easy time spotting you. i have found that i have tried to make infiltration missions but the AI just finds me in a second and kills me and sometimes they even occasionally SEE ME THROUGH WALLS!!!!! i have crawled around rocks and bushes from a 200-300m distance and they find me easy. i have tried a water infiltration and when i surface i experience instant gunfire from the shore at ridiculous ranges. if anything a surfaced diver should be one of the hardest thing to spot, all you can see is a head poking out of the water that can be a really almost impossible thing to see in real life because of waves and it can be easily mistaken for a rock poking out of the water. AI do barely anything to intercept you. Infantry: i have done a few tests of me engaging infantry, getting their attention, then taking cover. i have found that they barely do anything to flank your cover and kill you. at long range i have found that the enemy occasionally very slowly and cautiously run around to attempt to flank and kill you behind cover however at close ranges the enemy does basically nothing to flank you, i have taken cover and put time acceleration to max and they just stay still laying down. Vehicles: just like ArmA 2, vehicles are sill stationary and only move from way points. also the AI still don't know how to use transport vehicles, the AI just sit there in vehicles and don't bother to get out when under fire and will only get out if a way point tells them to. also AI don't enter vehicles by them self and i would like to see the AI automatically get into vehicles when they have to go a long distance. summary: the AI in ArmA 3 is still terrible like in previous ArmA games. i think that one of the main focuses of development should defiantly be of improvement of the AI as the current AI is slow acting, retarded, and is a real piss off
  3. mechwarrior

    Urban Conquest by tvig0r0us

    ok thanks for replying so soon but can you at least add different vehicle spawning (hate facing a M1A2 tusk with a t-34 its extremely unbalanced) and if not can you please remove vehicle healing because it get really stupid and annoying and unbalanced to the AI. one time a tank was shooting at my helicopter before i was able to take off and i was able to constantly get in and out until someone destroyed the tank (helicopter took 48 hits... i was counting) and perhaps in order to re-heal your vehicle you can go to one of your controlled zones vehicle spawns. by the way, great mission very fast and crazy fun which is rare in ArmA 2! and i must say the improved AI in this mission should be the default AI in the regular game. they take cover, peek around corners, and crouch! i was very impressed when i got to the front lines to see 10 of my allies all crouched behind cover popping out every once and awhile and effectively taking out the Enemy while still being protected hiding behind a pipeline. if you reject my 2 ideas again i wont bother you anymore the whole reason why i made this second post is so i can really show you how much of a annoying problem those 2 things are. because it really gets me annoyed when im playing as the Russians and the game is only giving me t-34 and t-55 tanks. even when it gives me the rare t-72 it still has non Russian markings on it and im getting all these crap tanks where as the americans are rolling over my troops with M1A1 tanks that the T-72 cant even look at without spontaneously combusting into flames.
  4. mechwarrior

    Urban Conquest by tvig0r0us

    Great mission! this is pretty much the only mission i play in arma, its really fun and simple. i have 2 requests and 1 bug report though. 1. can you make a option that makes it so you can change the faction of vehicles spawned by the teams. reason why: in zargabad and a few other maps i want to have a US vs Russia battle however it happens where the russian team gets takistani vehicles rather than russian vehicles. 2. Yes i know this has been suggested before a lot but there should be class selection and before you start typing in rage this is how i think it would work and i think you will like this. when you select a class you will still be randomly selected with a guy but he will be within the class type. for example: if you select rifleman you can end up with grenadiers, team/squad leaders, or even just plain riflemen. also if you select spec ops you can end up with any of the special forces guy so if you are playing as russia you can end up with any one of the spetsnaz guys. so its still random but you can still get something you may want. 3. this is the bug report. vehicles re-heal when you enter them, you can emergency land a helicopter get out and get back in and its back up to full heath, this happens with every vehicle. before i end i just want to say that can you try and make it so at night time you don't get guns with sights that are not night vision compatible. sorry if this bothers you, my 2nd request is asking a little much and if i were you i wouldn't really try to do it. great mod and thanks for (hopefully) reading this