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  1. Oshi7

    How Strong Will The PVP Scene Be?

    For a business based on games development, popularity is a huge thing. Wanting your game and business to be a financial success is a good thing. Also stop comparing peoples desire for faster paced ArmA PvP to turning this game into Call of Duty. Its a fallacious argument and you embarrass yourself when you make it.
  2. Oshi7

    Question on Setting: Why 2037?

    Doesn't bother me. Lets the developers have a little breathing room, creates an interesting balance between OpFor and BluFor. 30 years in the future is enough time to let some powers shift and politics change so that they can create an interesting storyline. I think ArmA 3 is more of a game than a simulator now.
  3. Oshi7

    How Strong Will The PVP Scene Be?

    It got ported fairly quickly to ArmA 3. There is another version of Wasteland coming as well, which is being built from the ground up, seems very exciting and is going to be much more balanced in regards to weapons and attachments and have more features. I wouldn't be surprised to see more Sandbox PvP modes pop up, especially when Java is available and SQF doesn't kill performance. The server from that video turned off grass, which gave me an extra 20 frames, which made it very fun to play on, but sadly made the game a bit ugly.
  4. I've only ever played paintball, but even with only that it used to infuriate me in previous titles when it would take me huge amounts of effort to turn around. Quite immersion breaking, like I was in someone's body who could only turn their entire bodies, instead of shifting weight and pivoting with the hips.
  5. Oshi7

    How Strong Will The PVP Scene Be?

    Wasteland is amazing if you know what you're doing, especially for team work. Really love the fact that organic teams can form, with people building their own bases where ever they wish. Arma 2 Wasteland is a better experience right now, but with people like Si Matra doing his own Wasteland for ArmA3 (and on the main island when it comes out) it'll be great. Example of why I love Wasteland:
  6. It is quite concerning that the same problems from ArmA2 persist to ArmaA3. I've spoken with lots of well known youtubers (and other people none of you guys give a shit about) and we've all said that if ArmA 3 could run at a decent frame rate then we'd never play another game again until ArmA 4 came out. Sadly it seems like the same old issues are cropping up, which I can only hope they fix in the coming months. Frame rate is a particularly huge issue (perhaps the most pervasive), considering proper recoil control and target tracking can't be done when you're getting ~20fps. Doesn't help when changing your graphical settings around either, High or Low results in the same FPS, like their is some invisible barrier on what you're allowed to achieve. Although I did join a Wasteland server that had no grass at all and my frame rate sky rockets to 60+ whilst streaming. Was a bit mental, but felt so bloody good. Although I think BI know they're onto a winner and that script-heavy game modes, like Wasteland, are what is drawing in such huge sales numbers they'll work on doing something with scripting so that it doesn't have such a huge impact on drawing the frames.
  7. Oshi7

    [TVT/CO-55] Wasteland

    Any update on the ArmA3 Wasteland, Tonic?
  8. I think it would be much better to go fully with the Steam server browser since its already integrated anyway.
  9. Oshi7

    They better have female soldiers...

    There are females who play this game who would like to be immersed into the game more and playing as a male doesn't immerse them. Too many straw-man arguments in here, suggesting that ARMA will become like Skyrim with people undressing their characters or something else equally stupid. It's almost a non-issue, as far as realism goes (this is set in 2030) and even in regards to authenticity. People who suggest its "too late" to add female character models seem to over estimate how hard this would be to accomplish, especially since you would only need to add a few female models... you wouldn't even need to change the skeleton for the models at all. It might not be a priority, but for a finalized and finished product to allow everyone to enjoy and become immersed, I think its something that should be added.
  10. Oshi7

    They better have female soldiers...

    If it makes the game more appealing to a larger audience, they should do it. Wouldn't break realism for me at all.
  11. Does anyone know if this is planned? Would be much easier to use the steam server browser, without even having to launch the game. Thoughts?
  12. I have a strong distrust of BE. I had two Arma II keys for separate characters on DayZ and one of them got randomly banned by BE and after 15 emails to BE Support I gave up on it. I was using these keys interchangeably, as I stream and make youtube videos and didn't want any cross-over. Never been banned from any anti-cheat before in my life, so it was particularly frustrating, especially when people instantly dismiss you because of it.
  13. Oshi7

    Stream safe UI

    Webcam top right to block the name of the server when you go to your map. Logo bottom right to block the names of people who are in the vehicle you are in (although I think that is more of a Wasteland thing). Huge chat box bottom left to block server messages or side chat (sometimes not big enough). Bar in the middle of screen to block name when in gear menu. Streamers aren't stupid, they're not taking up screen real estate for no reason. Also, if you die, you have about 0.5 seconds to switch scene on your stream software otherwise it'll show the scoreboard with every persons names and server name.
  14. Oshi7

    Stream safe UI

    If you're curious about how much of our screens we actually have to cover up in order to be relatively hidden then you can see a sample here: http://www.twitch.tv/oshi7/b/359620288 Again, people keep saying "priorities" but it would be the most trivial thing in the development stages to do, much like Rocket has already done for DayZ Stand Alone.
  15. Oshi7

    Stream safe UI

    True, I didn't mean everyone.