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  1. kleutscher

    2017mod - full conversion mod

    2017mod canceled officialy Statement and Reasons, why we came to this conclusion on http://2017mod.com/ or read the first post.
  2. kleutscher

    2017mod - full conversion mod

    Our dev Dscha made this video giving a small glimpse of our barricading system and showing the east part of the city Aston Fields
  3. kleutscher

    2017mod - full conversion mod

    Been a while since we posted an update here. bamburgh map showcase video part 3: an album with some screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/SkbL8
  4. kleutscher

    2017mod - full conversion mod

    New video of Bamburgh showcasing some of the new areas.
  5. kleutscher

    2017mod - full conversion mod

    Welcome to bamburgh international airport. Airfield is still under heavy construction but its shaping up nicely. made by @schultzit
  6. kleutscher

    2017mod - full conversion mod

    The map devs started working on Bamburghs Air fields. This one is really huge.
  7. kleutscher

    2017mod - full conversion mod

    Updated the first post with the team members. Some of you are probably interested in who is working on the mod. Team: Project Lead: Luke Hinds (Shinkicker) Sound Designer: Alan Kidd (HoundLog), Laxemann Artistic Lead: Joon Keat (Doctor_Dentist), Developer: Carl (R4Z0R49), Hem, Nerdmod Map Design: Daringd, Schultz, Uro, NigeyS, JonesyAO Media: Karwin Leutscher We are always looking for more people to help us out to create this mod, if interested you can always drop me an PM.
  8. kleutscher

    2017mod - full conversion mod

    can happen to the best of us :P A couple of screenshots i made today.
  9. kleutscher

    2017mod - full conversion mod

    We probably will be able soon. The whole basebuilding an crafting had an overhaul since we had Nerdmod from "ibuild" join the team a while back (crafting has an complete UI overhaul). He is doing an really awesome job in creating a basebuild system for 2017. Its still in early phase and we dont wanna show it till its in a more done state for several reasons, You kinda can expect something really cool and original. Ibuild by Nerdmod https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6LDXK1URr8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAp7whXC-W0
  10. _________________________________________________________________ 2017Mod started out life as a mod of DayZMod called DayZ2017 and was created at the time by Shinkicker. Shortly after the advent of Arma 3 it was decided that the time had come to move DayZ2017 onto the Arma 3 engine, losing the DayZ prefix due to the recent release of standalone DayZ. The task of doing this was going to be mammoth, having to totally re-create the mod from the ground up. At this point the mod started to take on a bit of a new life with lots of new gameplay concepts and ideas being woven into a new working formula, though some of these elements fell short of making it to the mod due to limitations in the Arma 3 engine. Bohemia’s Arma 3 engine is a top of the line engine when it comes to military simulation, with the ability to have vast worlds in comparison to most other engines out there and Bohemia have always supported modding of their games, which are generally fully open to editing. _________________________________________________________________ However, modding on the Arma 3 engine is no small task. From the perspective of game mechanics it requires intrinsic knowledge of the game engine, it’s very specific scripting language and multiplayer environment. Creating assets for the game is also a very specific process, with an un-organic workflow which requires bucket loads of Arma specific knowledge. When using the Arma 2 engine and DayZ2017 we had the option to stick with a patch-version of the game engine, with Arma 3 and Bohemia's move to Steam and automatic updates of the game the patching became mandatory. With DayZ2017 using the Arma 2 engine and the patching process of the game it meant we could put a freeze on the modification of the game engine and stick to a specific engine version. With Arma 3 and the move to Steam and automatic updates it has brought with it a whole new set of benefits and complications. While regular updates do bring new features and improve older ones it does occasionally completely break one of the game mechanics we had implemented and would force us to spend hours, days, weeks and in some cases months revising code or re-building a system from scratch. In short this means that each update can mean anything from hours to days of work for us. _________________________________________________________________ Generally the Bamburgh map remained unaffected and the thousands of hours of development that went with it. We created hundreds of new and updated assets and structures. From sewer lids to airports, multistory buildings, gravestones and many more, all helping us create a new and unique world. Unfortunately when Bohemia pushed their new ‘Apex’ update it came along with a visual upgrade that completely broke the map. We had spent hundreds of hours creating our new assets, rigging lighting configs and making new materials and we were about to be faced with having to re-visit all of this work. It became very clear that the visual upgrade meant we would have to re-do a lot of that work that had been done to create 2017's world, essentially meaning that thousands of hours of development had been wiped out with one Arma 3 patch. As you may appreciate the motivation within the team to continue working with the Arma 3 engine dipped dramatically at this point. We spent weeks reconfiguring the lighting and trying to come up with work-arounds to try and recover our previous lighting configuration and it’s effects on the materials in an effort to get back the 2017Mod atmosphere we had been working with up until that point. Unfortunately, as close as we came, we never came close enough to something that was acceptable to us and our vision for the mod. _________________________________________________________________ We contacted Bohemia many times to ask for documentation on the new lighting configuration and they promised us that it was being put together, in the meantime we made it public that that the mod would be put on hold temporarily. Weeks and months passed by with no updates from Bohemia so we contacted them again and they told us they were waiting on it being translated from Czech, so again we waited for a further update... and we waited… and waited.. Finally, after another month we decided to contact Bohemia again, this time they told us that they were waiting on the documentation to be translated, so we waited hoping the translation wouldn't take long. By this time we had been waiting a total of 3 months for documentation on a feature intrinsic to the game engine and atmosphere of Arma 3 and every world contained within it. One of our followers notified us that a Bohemia developer had tweeted regarding "Public Documentation about the Visual Upgrade" with a link to thier Wiki. Excitedly we checked the wiki and upon reading the documentation, sat there stunned - almost numb. We realised that all the parameters were very, very familiar. The "Public Documentation about the Visual Upgrade" contained information that was already known to us, had been for some considerable time and is already documented inside the Arma 3 Tools files. In short the "Public Documentation about the Visual Upgrade" brought nothing new to the table. _________________________________________________________________ ANNOUNCEMENT: The Bad News We are halting development of 2017Mod for Arma 3. We realise that some of you have been waiting on this project for years and that you will be disappointed by this announcement, but we can assure you that no-one is more disappointed than us. We have literally sunk years of our own free time into this project but there comes a point where you have to say “Enough is enough†cut your losses and move on. The Future We are in the process of contacting development groups we trust and talking to them about taking on the terrain as a going concern, we can not simply let this go, too much has gone into it up to now! As for the 2017 team, we are moving our development onto Unreal Engine where we have full control over the codebase and its features. We need to make it clear that we will not be moving 2017 onto this engine. We are working on a completely new project. Some of the concepts we visualised for 2017 may make it into the new project or they may not, only time will tell. We’re so sorry we cannot deliver on 2017, but we will deliver on our next project and we would ask you all to watch this space until we can make our next announcement about how the future is expected to pan out. Lastly we thank all of our loyal fans & followers for your support, enthusiasm and love. Regards, The 2017 Development Team: DaringD, Dscha, JonseAO, Karwin, Liquid, SchultzIT, Uro [video=youtube_share;iR2U1Gz4Uwk]
  11. kleutscher

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    Problem is that sueing someone who abuses your material is an painstaking and expensive process. Wich many of the modders dont have the money or time for. BI Should in my opinion atleast help the best they can to protect the content that people created for their game. Without these people, Arma wouldnt have a long lasting life. BI knows this hence the make arma not war competition. Its a common thing when a game becomes popular that there will be people that jump in to earn some easy money. If BI doesnt do anything they will lose their most valuable modders and end up with only those easy money not so innovative guys. Modding for Arma is much harder to do then any other well known engine. That + having to be carefull with your stuff makes it less fun to work on. The expierenced arma modders will lose their interest if all their stuff keeps on getting abused (innovative things is always popular for copying). The old ofp/arma style community of being open is slowly closing to a point its not fun anymore. I know some known arma modders who are already finding their fun back in other engines wich have an way easier workflow to get something created. my two cents why BI should do more.
  12. kleutscher

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    signed the petition :). How about sending tax collectors to the a3l leads. pretty sure they didnt pay tax over their 10-50k donations :)
  13. kleutscher

    2017 - Official Announcement!

    Hello guys, Bit of a different style of devblog this month - by text! We are currently working very hard towards beta, and therefor we are skipping this month's video - sorry if that disappoints any of you, but you will have lots to look forward to for the devblog in early June! So let's get crackin'... lots of progress has been made so far, and we are working very hard towards beta, as said before. This month we've been mostly working on content for the mod, including apparel, weapons, etc. You'll find a nice screenshot of two of the weapons we implemented at the end of this devblog. Furthermore, there has been lots of progress on the sanity system by our audio department, but as you know by now, we are not sharing too much yet regarding the sanity system ;) Apart from that, some more work has been done by the programming department regarding AI, dynamic weather and many improvements on performance. Some other news, you might want to check out the announcement that we are not entering the contest, and our revamped homepage! Finally, we want to give a shoutout to all our supporters who have been helping us along for this long ride! We are getting closer and closer to a finished product, and we hope you'll be able to play it yourself soon. We will share more details in the June devblog, showing you awesome new content and towards our final push for beta. Until then! http://i.imgur.com/T4Q7TWn.jpg (164 kB)
  14. kleutscher

    Arma 3 FanArt

    Created a trailer like video.
  15. kleutscher

    2017 - Official Announcement!

    thanks :) the contest can make people greedy and rushing things. that is what money does:)