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  1. exe_74rus

    Russia General

    When speak of billions of Putin, is said that the money steal in his place.
  2. exe_74rus

    Russia General

  3. exe_74rus

    Diplomatic incident between Russia and Turkey

    Europe, it is worth remembering that the first Istanbul was Constantinople.
  4. exe_74rus

    Russia General

    Egypt overtook curse "Mistral". Initially, the French lost to them a lot dneg. We started talking about buying the ships Egypt. I do not be surprised if Egypt refuses to buy this equipment.
  5. exe_74rus

    Russia General

    If it turns out that the plane was blown up by terrorists, Egypt lose some tourists. No other changes will not happen. As the bombing in Syria, as we bombed. Russia does not need the import of jihad. So we kill these people before they come to Russia. White people is beneficial to fight in a foreign land. For this, while in Europe do not agree with the United States and Russia, the Middle East will burn.
  6. exe_74rus

    Russia General

    Crashed in southern Sudan, the aircraft is not listed in the register of Federal Air Transport Agency. This RIA Novosti reported with reference to the Advisor to the Minister of Transport of Russia Jeanne Terekhov. According to the Ministry, the crew of the cargo side of the An-12 was a civilian. According to the latest information to Reuters, in a plane crash in southern Sudan killed at least 41 people: among the victims of the crash - the crew and passengers of the aircraft, and is on the ground people. Antonov An-12 crashed shortly after taking off from the capital of southern Sudan city of Juba. He crashed in the vicinity of the White Nile River, about 800 meters from the airport. Cause of the accident and other details of the incident are being specified. When the crash of AN-12 near the International Airport of Juba, capital of Southern Sudan, two people survived, including a child. This official said the President Ateni Wack, reports Tass. Оригинал новоÑти RT на руÑÑком: https://russian.rt.com/article/127808
  7. exe_74rus

    Russian vs U.S Organizational and tactical doctrine.

    BMP-3 and T 90 junk. Which can scare the only colonial wars. This war will be conducted entirely different sradstvami. For example in Syria. Shooting rockets for 1,500 km and beyond. With the destruction of the "eyes and ears" of the enemy. Next, a total bombardment of the SU-34 and SU-24. Only after that will go into battle and glands such as Armata Kurganets. And old tanks T-90, T-72.
  8. Russian as Europeans spend on arms are very few. The US military budget outweighs the joint budget of the Russian Federation, the EU and China.
  9. exe_74rus

    Ukraine General

    Why Poland in 1938, with Nazi Germany divided Czechoslovakia? Poles thought that the story end? Why Poland has the right to divide the neighbors? But neighbors did not have the right to divide Poland?
  10. exe_74rus

    Ukraine General

    Poroshenko already scared and canceled his idiotic decision. EU sanctions against journalists have already been removed. But ...
  11. exe_74rus

    European Politics Thread.

    Europe badly wrong when the United States allowed to break the Middle East and North Africa. This is the same mistake as your support Maidan in Kiev. For all have to pay. Now Europe is only beginning to show the account for payment. Next will be more fun. It is possible to agree with the Russian. Arabs fail. You have to make Europe the police, or you will break inside. Want to live like before? Eliminate the cause of refugees. Help destroy the Assad LIH. Find a second-Gaddafi and help him take power in Libya. The most important thing. Disable Americans wreak havoc on your border. They should be enough of their problems. You can not ban does not help. Otherwise, you look silly. Solving the "ally" to break your house.
  12. Finland is not Norway. Modern Russia does not need terriorii beyond the Russian world. Why do we? It is much easier to take something that belongs to no one and no one needs. For example the Arctic. Fight for it will only have ice. It's much easier than fighting with people.
  13. exe_74rus

    Russia General

    How do you imagine that? Austrians hundred and fifty years ago, we began to dump on the Russian Ukrainians. Calling them Ukrainians. Then, in this case a lot of work by the Germans. The last twenty years of Tartu Americans billions of dollars spreading anti-Russian sentiment in Ukraine. Do you think it's all just for fun? It is one thing to hold refrendum in Crimea, where the population is completely been supporting Russia. Another thing is to do the same all over Ukraine. Flowers would not be. There would have been shot in the back. The most important need for Russia fully support Ukraine. And it is very, very expensive. Russia is now more profitable to Ukraine that kept Europe and the US. Ukraine today is a suitcase without a handle. Why carry yourself? Let your partner bears :) When Russia said modestly EU, it is not necessary to support the Maidan. EU proudly raised his nose said: "It's none of your business." A year later, the EU has modestly said: "It is impossible to resolve the question of Ukraine without Russia."
  14. Practice has shown to fight gun only after the victory of ideology. Otherwise you will have to destroy the local people. Drawing an analogy Norway and Ukraine stupid. Russia does not have and never had any interest in Northern Europe. Russia conquered Crimea currently taking his weapon from Turkey. Ukrainian Crimea became as a result of Ukrainian Khrushchev agent. When he served as the General Secretary of the USSR in the Kremlin. In violation of the law at that time. In 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, we held a referendum in the Crimea, a part of some countries want to enter Crimeans. 80% voted in favor of the Russian Federation. A referendum in 2014 fully confirmed this. Crimea is a stone wall with the security of the Russian Federation. Norway is not a stone. It is a stone of the EU. Why is he Russian?
  15. exe_74rus

    Russia General

    Ukraine was just unlucky. She was caught between two fires. Americans it sacrificed its geopolitical interests in Eurasia. As before others. From the point of view of Anglo-Saxon, the Ukrainians is only white Papuans. Evropetsy when supported by the state perevrot in Kiev, knew nothing about what Ukraine. They wanted a new large market and pinch Russia. Americans were generally still way, there will be tension zone. The main thing that it originated. Already in Europe. The consequences of any napryazhonnosti is primarily a humanitarian catastrophe. Including refugees. As in Europe are going to solve this problem is unclear. Europeans do not understand you, that you are drained. You can not be broken out. You too boshe and well-fed. But you are very easy to break from the inside. You like tysyacheleny oak. Winds are not afraid but before the worms are unarmed.