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  1. ARMA2.RU -Wasteland Sandbox- servers thread

    Yeah, I think removal of friendly fire is a bad idea. The best solution is to probably just increase awareness of where and how people can report it. Maybe have a global message appear every 30mins or so saying something like "Teamkilling and hacking will result in a permanent ban. Report these incidents at....." Heisenberg
  2. ARMA2.RU -Wasteland Sandbox- servers thread

    An arma2.ru server?!?...if so I'd be pretty happy seeing as I'm also in Dublin! :) ---------- Post added at 11:17 ---------- Previous post was at 11:08 ---------- Hey SaMatra, I have a few more questions about the servers if that's ok... * Have you started tweaking the day/night times already? As I was playing on 1 & 2 last night and 2 had a much longer night time but day seemed to be the same time as before. * Is there a scheduled restart time for each server that should happen or is it at the discretion of each server owner? Noticing much more de-sync/lag issues lately on some of the servers (1 & 2) last night than before (noticed by many people in my group all in different countries) * Just wanted to echo the problem with the group issue...but we get around it by just having 1 person leave the existing group, then that person and the person who couldn't originally see invite are able to join. Thanks
  3. ARMA2.RU -Wasteland Sandbox- servers thread

    Hey SaMatra, I'm loving the new group system for independents together with the other new icons etc Great work!! Couple of questions: Is the day/night length the same on all .RU servers?....if it is, I (and others) think that 2hrs for Day and 1hr for night is way too short...you're just getting into night-time for example and it's over before you know it! In addition, player numbers usually stay higher during daytime I think. Have you considered increasing the length of day and night? Maybe to something like 6hrs day, 2hrs or 3hrs night? Also, is the spawn of vehicles on server restart the same in every server? - i.e Bi-Plane, NPC controlled Black Humvee etc (NW airfield). thanks
  4. ARMA2.RU -Wasteland Sandbox- servers thread

    LOL that's funny watching it from your perspective, he took out like 3 or 4 or us with that. I was in the chopper and we we about 2 secs from lift-off! Would have been nice to face you guys but sure we probably did at some point earlier I'd say! I think the 'Independent only' could be an interesting idea alright for maybe one server, I like the challenge though of currently you have other independent's (who might be working together on Mumble, Skype etc), then Red and Blue, who although maybe more un-coordinated, have strength in numbers most of the time which makes it more interesting when going for an objective. Also, Red & Blue typically build a base or two whereas independents (of which I'm one!) seem to mostly just do objectives and/or focus on player killing Nice!..I was only thinking of suggesting removal of crosshairs and scroll wheel rangefinding/nameplates...something I hated in any DayZ server. I wouldn't worry about everyone switching to independent though, as I've noticed that there are a lot of Blue/Red team players who currently play on their own and so it's a good way for them to play with many people. I'd say independent will increase alright though but still think there will always be people who don't use Mumble etc and just like playing with randoms on a bigger army Can't wait for the new update so!
  5. ARMA2.RU -Wasteland Sandbox- servers thread

    No prob, thanks for the quick reply. As always, keep up the great work!
  6. ARMA2.RU -Wasteland Sandbox- servers thread

    Hey SaMatra, Quick question - Is there any possible fix for the scoreboard? Currently it doesn't properly record kills by independents on each other (gives a -1 value) and also, when you kill someone with a vehicle it doesn't say who killed them and you don't get the kill. Thanks - had some epic moments on one of your servers last night!...one of which was some guy kamakazeed into our chopper as it was taking off amid a gunfight. Heisenberg
  7. ARMA2.RU -Wasteland Sandbox- servers thread

    Thanks for getting back SaMatra! That sounds good, especially glad to hear you're working on the independent's spawn system! How far away do you think roughly the next update is? Again, keep up the great work!
  8. ARMA2.RU -Wasteland Sandbox- servers thread

    Hey SaMatra, Great work on your version of Wasteland. I play with a group of about 6 people who got bored of DayZ and all we play now is Wasteland. We usually switch between your servers and 404 depending on how easy it is to get into the server or if server is laggy etc. Having read what you said about the 404 guys, I'd be less inclined to play on their servers at all! I usually try to get my group to play on your servers as I always felt they were run much better and with better features (no money glitch etc). With all that said, I've a few suggestions/comments which I'd be interested to hear your feedback on: Health Symbol - why do you not have a symbol showing health? Independents - Is there some way to improve the spawn mechanism so that we can spawn like Blufor/Opfor can? Maybe if you had a system whereby if two independents click an 'accept spawn' button or something, they could always spawn on each other in a town (assuming no enemies are there etc). My team like playing as independent as sometimes being in Blufor or Opfor you can get people who don't stop talking in VON all the time or taking your vehicle etc Choppers - One of the .RU servers I played on recently had a ridiculous amount of choppers on it. I think it's better if there is a smaller number of them as I've seen some Russians just constantly have 3 or so choppers and they tow every objective vehicle away to Debug etc. Speaking of choppers...I don't think there's a need for the one with missiles, it's better when a chopper has to have other people with them and a mini-gun that takes a little bit of skill to aim, rather than one guy in a chopper spamming missiles around the place I've heard that towing more than 3 vehicles causes the server to lag..is there anyway to restrict the amount of vehicles that can be towed? I think that there is rarely a need to tow more than one or two vehicles really. Thanks and keep up the great work!