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    Apex Weapon Feedback

    I looked a peek at the config for the "50 BW", presumably .50 Beowulf... hit = 22; airFriction = -0.0012; typicalspeed = 550; initspeed = 580; Are these just random placeholder values? Looks like it :huh: airFriction should be at least twice as much, and the hit value surely not more than 14... if that. Same with 7.62x39: hit = 11, airFriction = -0.001. Too much hit, too little airFriction.
  2. -Gews-

    A3 and DayZ share anything?

    DayZ weapons have more proxies right now, such as removable handguards, stocks, bipods, lights, for the M4, as well as proxy magazines for all firearms. In addition the weapons can be spray-painted various colours. A lot of this is cosmetic (or should be cosmetic). Meh, from ARMA 2 to DayZ, I notice little difference between the engines from a player's (infantry) perspective. For me, the most striking changes from ARMA 2 are due to config options, which could be easily changed. There are quite a few negative changes in DayZ IMO. I don't see a lot in DayZ which I would care to have in ARMA. The more extensive clothing is good. The damage system isn't complete so I don't know. The melee is much better but still very simple and clunky, and anyways melee in ARMA is not very important. IMO ARMA 3's stance system, controls and superior responsiveness (DayZ is currently much closer to A2 than A3) is far better than DayZ at the moment.
  3. -Gews-

    Tank Warfare Info?

    That really needs to be changed. Seriously, no more Hollywood explosions happening to every vehicle! One of the things that always bothered me.
  4. -Gews-

    Gameplay Option: FMJ or hollow-point

    Of course. Yet with the current system, I don't see how it can be adequately portrayed, so I would not want it introduced right now.
  5. -Gews-

    Gameplay Option: FMJ or hollow-point

    This is not Counter-Strike, Unreal Tournament or Quake... real life is somewhat random. You don't get 5000 hit points, and each shot takes away a certain amount :j: this is not eSports, this is supposed to be a combined-arms simulator. There should be an element of randomness. As for hollow point ammunition: no thank you. It won't and can't be properly represented with the current hitpoint system. It won't be properly represented so I'd rather not see it. Besides, most players are wearing something called body armor. Hollow-points don't help there, they can only make things worse.
  6. -Gews-

    A-143 Buzzard Far too Slow / Weak

    In today's world, that would mean APDS or APFSDS. However, the jet can't use those safely, because the sabots could be sucked into the engines, and traditional capped, full-bore armor-piercing rounds have been outdated for decades now, and besides they have, for the most part, almost identical weights, speeds, and external ballistics compared to the high-explosive rounds.
  7. -Gews-

    new stuff for aaf - nice bis love it ^^

    I would expect a 25mm pod to be better for use against buildings and armored vehicles, after all, you could have high-explosive ammunition, as well as the depleted uranium APFSDS rounds which could penetrate ~3 inches of armor at 1000m. Of course in-game, they gave the 7.62mm minigun ammo the same penetration as 12.7x108 APDS, so...
  8. -Gews-

    2 CAS Aircraft remain unknown. What if?

    Extended, yes, service life is apparently expected to extend to 2028. However by that time it will be in its final years and there may already be a replacement, and I doubt they would send their most aged equipment to the most serious war zones. Anyways, the gun doesn't need to be good against tanks, it has more uses, the point was if the A-10 was introduced, I would expect it to have unrealistic values. For example in ArmA 2, they made the direct damage SEVEN times as powerful as 30x165mm AP, and it also had an indirect damage value which was much greater than hand grenades! That had to be a deliberate decision based on people's expectations. So I would not want to see it because it would most likely be extremely dated, and also likely have unrealistically exaggerated performance.
  9. -Gews-

    2 CAS Aircraft remain unknown. What if?

    I actually wouldn't want to see A-10s, I've seen some people express that they would like that plane to be included. The first production models came off the line in 1975, it would be 60 years old by 2035! That would be like modern-day troops using a plane first produced in 1954. And anyways, the only reason so many people even like the A-10 is because of the iconic 30mm GAU-8/A. Without that cannon, the plane wouldn't be half as cool and everyone knows it. But the thing is, in all probability, the cannon would be very ineffective against modern tanks. It might damage tracks, optics, etc, but it's not a tankbuster :j: I've seen a figure of 2.3 inches penetration at 1000m when considering the plane's speed. Even T-72M1 has almost 16 inches of protection on the glacis, 7 inches on the upper front of the turret. Lighter vehicles, troops, fixed positions, okay. But against a 2030s Merkava variant I see little use for the cannon. But if BIS made the cannon ineffective against tanks, including certain AFVs (which it should be with the new armor penetration system) then people would probably complain, "the cannon on the A-10 is ineffective, fix please". So for every reason, A-10s are not suited to ArmA 3.
  10. -Gews-

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    +1 :D
  11. -Gews-

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    Yup, didn't expect that kind of thing either (although the T-90 did have guided missiles) However it's something for ArmA to aspire to, rather than keeping the game functionally the same, the depth and fidelity of the simulation should also improve with each installment as well.
  12. -Gews-

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    Which begs the question, why did they remove the ERA tiles and the gun? Maybe because people would complain about non-functional ERA? Or perhaps because the Slammer/Merkava uses passive armor? Possibly integrated ERA? Or maybe someone just preferred the "clean" look? But there is no reason to only have one machine gun on a modern tank. Hopefully they are adding an extra one in a future patch, or two even. Anyways it's too bad the Merkava/Slammer currently lacks a fully-featured FCS, barrel-launched ATGMs, the 60mm mortar, a remote gun station on the turret roof and a .50 caliber over the barrel, as well as the Trophy active defence system... I find it hard to believe tanks in the 2030s would be less capable than those of the 2000s :j: And anyways, I have seen people saying "it's not a Merkava, just based on one, the developers wanted it different" etc, etc. And my question is: so what? why not add the features that are missing? What is the downside to it? Does anyone seriously WANT the tank to only have one MG?
  13. -Gews-

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    It's a Merkava as much as the Strv 122 is a Leopard. And still doesn't explain why there is an empty mount waiting for a machine gun right above the barrel... as well, the early screens showed a roof-mounted remote-controlled MG, so it seems someone made a decision to remove it. Only having a coaxial (and a 6.5mm at that) is madness. I don't think there are any modern tanks that follow that configuration and there is no reason for such a vehicle design decision.
  14. -Gews-

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    The Merkava should only be able to hold a couple soldiers, more passengers = less ammunition. "The Merkava can carry 6 passengers, one for each 12 rounds of main gun ammunition removed."
  15. -Gews-

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    Still need to fix the missing guns on the Merkava. ^You can see the empty mount, there should be a .50 cal in there!