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  1. i am having a very annoying error from teamspeak 3. I have installed and reinstalled everything correctly like 3 times. When i get in game, i get an error "nickname already in use" every 3 seconds, and TFA is not working. Yes i installed 64 bit teamspeak, and yes i am running as admin. This all started when i was in a unit that uses that thing that syncs TS3 to you in game name, ive comepletely re-installed ARMA 3 and TS3 like 3 times, but the error persists.......any ideas?
  2. Ya title pretty much says it all, i want to find or join a Milsim unit that uses Arma/IronFront and ovbiously is based on WW2. Im getting sick of Invasion1944 mod.
  3. Is there any Milsim clans for this? This is SOO much better than I44......
  4. I have tried to post for several weeks now, nothing. I have sent messages to the forum admin. Nothing. I know i clicked the link in the conformation email. I even have 2 different user names now. Still i can't post. http://forum.iron-front.com/forum.php This is really frustrating. I log into the forums everyday out of boredom and the desire to learn more about the game, but i can't post anything or get ahold of anyone who seems to care. please help someone!!:confused:
  5. I can run Iron Front Liberation 1944 at full visibility/resolution and 50% HD resolution, it looks decent. So i might have to get a better graphics card to run arma. People say it runs on wind 7. Anything else i need to do? and which one of the arma 2 should i get, i like to get games from GG but i could try steam if thats the best deal.
  6. I have a HP pavillion p7-1228 PC The specs are: Windows 7 Home Premium 2nd Generation Intel Core i3-2100 Processor 8GB DDR3 system memory Intel HD Graphics 2000 1 Terabyte Hard Drive It is only about 8 months old.