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  1. Species, one other question if I may: - when i launch a manta from the map to destroy say a island building, i have to wait several seconds (the launch itself, and a little distance from the carrier) until i can shift-click the carrier to add "dock" to the manta program. - i was wondering if it was possible for the mod to shorten that to a single shift-click. launch a manta with shift click on a map waypoint or building and it instantly starts off with a "go there, hit it, return to base" program?
  2. Well I would not insist on the 50x, but the normal speed (fillup in 30 Min irrelevant of timewarp) is unrealistiv either, i think, considering that the supply barque refills instantly.
  3. Thank you, its working fine. some thoughts: the advanced production screens tends to appear empty now and then and a little later repopulates its production queue again. i changed a line in your script so that the carrier refuelling at ports is about 50 times faster than in your version. This way the carrier refuels at ports at about the speed walrusses refuel near power stations. This changes the game nicely as you usually use islands on your ways around the map to refuel the carrier, you don't produce fuel anymore. its much nicer this way and feels realistic. It gives you a producting advantage but on the other hand a "carrier chasing" and "island settling" disadvantage, as it forces your to stop at islands to refuel. I was wondering if you could make that an option on the DI options so that i don't have to edit the file whenever i update it to a new version i was wondering if it was possible to have island walrusses or mantas set waypoints? it would be very nice to select them, tell them to "go there" and then select the next one. thank you again :) - Faber
  4. Hey Species, i have been playing your latest version of the mod for a while now (v1.26, downloaded on 2015-07-28), and great news, the crashes experienced before are gone. Its a very nice experience now. Thank you again for this great mod!. There has been just one crash, which happend in the following situation: my carrier is in the battle with the enemy carrer and the enemy manages to take out my guns before i take out his so he is winning. He takes my carrier down while my drones are out. Instead of "game ended. you lost" the game crashes, leaving the following information behind in the crash log:
  5. The recent crashes happened on neutral island because i startet a new game after having had to many crashes on the old one. i was acquiring neutral island in the beginning on the game and experienced the same crashes, usually alway when switching from the walrus view to the map view. Are you sure it still make sense to try it without the manta attack wave setting? I will if you think it makes sense.
  6. Hey Species. i really like the latest addition by your mod, but unfortunately i have crashes very often. Usualy it crashes when switching To the map view. The crash details are always I think i have to revert back to the latest 1.25 version to be able to play the game.
  7. This crash was not repeatable, and unlike the other island-loading-crashes, it occured right after the auto-save, i.e. after continuing the game it resumed on that very island it crashed on. I will try your updated version soon.
  8. species, FYI, another crash, while loading an empty island at which the carrier just arrived. its a new game this time.
  9. thank you for the quick update, i will try it. i am using an old game, but it was saved at least 5 times since updateing to the new mod. I am not sure if the drones were docking during that first crash.
  10. unfortunately, i see more crashes since installing this mod. i have the following info about the last two crashes from the crash.log:
  11. Hey Species, this is incredible. Very very astonishing what you manage to add to the game. I love the new defence drone and supply barque views and everything else you put in the mod. I did not yet get to see all of it, but what i saw so far is very very nice :) It great to see that you can add new visuals to the game such as opening doors for drones. I didn't expect this to be possible for a mod. and thanks for including my suggestion for the default loadout. :) thank you :)
  12. Yes, i am sure. I kill the enemy several times in a game which starts on the strong enemy strength setting, and i usually manage to equip 4 flaks and a plasma on my carrier before i run into the enemy carrier, and all enemy carriers i then encounter carry plasma and 4 quad-guns, which i can then destroy using my flaks. I never saw the enemy carrier using flaks. and yes, i know about the carrier armour hardening, but i'd prefer equal weaponry instead (or on top).
  13. Species, i have 2 suggestions: - I like the feature of programmable Manta loadouts very much, but i wonder if it would be possible to have a default loadout, i.e. when a manta gets destroyed and respans as a new one, that it arrives not empty but already equipped with the default loadout equipment? say from the first sport or something? - I usually equip my carrier using "flak" canons. I notice that the enemy carrier uses "quad gun" cannons all the time, which makes it easier for me to kill its defences. I know that choosing "green lasers" on my carrier also makes the enemy carrier choose them, but i don't lke them on the carrier and those include "rockets" on the enmy carrier, which are uber-strong, i don't like them either. Therefore the question: can the enemy carrier weaponry be changed to include 1-2 (or 4) flak cannons in the no-lasers-on-carrier-szenario? thanx again for the time you still invest in this game :)
  14. Species, i am afraid but i have to report another issue. The auto-Builder feature, which up until recently (before using the 1.25 Version i think) worked flawlessly and which is a great addition to the game, unfortunately became very unreliable. in the game it appears it fills the queue, then empties it again, and seconds later out of the blue refills and re-empties again. And the filled queue is incomplete, as e.g. only yellow entries (mid-prio) but no green entries (low-prio) are present. It might have started when i once used the old build screen to temporalily bypass the production queue. Or it startet when i upgraded to 1.25, not sure about that. As you can see from the screenshot: It is empty, but from the numbers on the left you see it should not be empty as there is stuff below the requested numbers. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=389400868 Or am i missing something? If you need a game save, try this one: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5anS2kivp_xYk54bUg3eXk4ZlE/view?usp=sharing ---------- Post added at 20:59 ---------- Previous post was at 20:55 ---------- oops, never mind. I just found out the min materials numbers where not set correctly. It was me, my mistake.
  15. thank you for your quick reply, that click helps, and i will download it again.