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  1. Hi! I've tried the code above on a squad at shooting range. Everything workes fine, then after a few minutes of shooting, they start waving all around. In the end they turn 360 degrees and shoot everything around at random. I also added unit1 setDir 30; unit1 setFormDir 30;// needed for AI to keep the given direction But it doesn't help. Any ideas? I'm using Advanced AI Command, CBA_A3 and Vcom AI V3.0 - Could that be conflict? Or does the AI just behave like this? Best regards
  2. brynjard

    Arma 3 summery the last two years?

    Thanks for reply! I know, I used to love PvP and coop PvE when it was well organized. Played on Tier 1 server. But other servers for the most where all about the Lone wolves, equipping the biggest sniper rifle and Driving a car into their position. My job should be kill stupid wannabe snipers; who've seen to many movies :P Anyway; enough complaining. THanks o/
  3. Hi! I've been away from game the last couple of years, I was there in Alpha and Beta + release. I remember they started the "make Arma not war" event. Arma had/have so much potential, I can't describe. But I quit playing and uninstalled it. Multiplayer where sometimes awesome, but could really suck as well when in my time-zone almost all empty servers. SP where good sometimes if I found a good MOD. How has development been on these issues? - AI intelligent - Played as Squad lead or "platoon" lead. AI was just stupid, too much micro managing. Was missing some tactical methodes. Clearing a building, "tactical" move like "danger", but not crawling all the way. Or "CBC mode" Had some forum posts about these issues. - AI bugs - Some times a AI soldier all of a sudden wouldn't move. I remember you had to say stop to him or something, frustrating. - High Command - This was just awfull when you have to micromanage a Ranger team infil an OP and giving the right intel for further planning. They crashed their vehicle and just sat in the car looking stupid. AI where run over buy blues when "Oscar Mike". Also missing some behaviour and methode. I just played "Call to Arms" The AI there are faar better than Arma 3 where. - Content - The SP campaign where great, but too short... The "make arma not war" gave me zevz lightning and zombies WTF? If I want zombies I'd play DayZ. - structure bugs - vehicles stuck in a town, a car, yes, but tank. NO way. Is it worth installing again? Or should I let it be? Best regards Super Arma consept fan.
  4. brynjard

    AI issue: Static ai behavior lowers gameplay.

    Silverwave, I agree. It's all about cover and move. And keeping some form of structure in team/squad so you don't get blue on blue.
  5. brynjard

    AI issue: Static ai behavior lowers gameplay.

    Do you make your own missions with DAC or du you edit existing? I personally don't have time for editing or making my own. I'm not easily satisfied, can't just put a couple of patrols out and hunt them with my squad. So if i was going to make I would have to make some effort and time learning how to make scripts, understand the system etc.
  6. Hi! I've thought alot about this, especially after my "feedback tracker" was closed.(and i guess rejected). First of all I just want to say; Arma 3 is a great game and the best nearest thing to a mil sim. You developers have a very busy days at the office, so I can understand ofcourse. anyway; The reason for making this thread is; I've been a squad/team lead myself in real life and I remember the effort we made training the guys, and how important this is. When it comes to a firefight it is matter of life and death. Missing some military tactic methods. - your squad taking fire; you don't need orders for taking cover. That's what soldiers doo. You hit the ground returning fire and trying to find immediate cover. Second(s) later you get a order from your lead what to do(which direction to move or stay put) If not going to move it's time to find better cover. - when manoeuvre a infantery squad through a firefight(offensive and defensive). The cover and move is not realistic, it's more like chaos. Is it possible to make a function where the squad works together as a team "Cover&Move"? - Individual soldier skills. e.g when on patrol, and you are stopping your patrol; why doesn't they crouch and secure 360 degrees? IRL situation you as a soldier are obligated to move a couple of yards or feet out of formation and securing your sector. You don't need orders for that. If you are given any it would be: "Soldier, why the hell are you looking at your boots? Do your fucking job and watch your sector This should be implented in "Aware" mode and "stealth" - CQB(the hard part) Clearing room and buildings is maybee to hard, because it's so difficult IRL. But maybe a basic. 2 guys stacking up each side of the door and going in at the same time. 1 to the left and 1 to the right. BUT apearence in urban areas is to slow to micro manangin. And maybe could be rather easy to make a function. Squad moving down a street, it would help if each squad member using corners and wall as cover as they advance. All this would make the AI and AI commanding more dynamic Check out this thred. Great guy whith good ideas. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?176244-AI-Overhaul-Reactive-Squads&highlight=commanding
  7. I Understand; i`ve copied the text from the feedback report. If you se it more like a "text message" system added to the game, which is actually a part of the radio. In everey modern military radios, you have a text message system. Real world: Why not use standard voice message?: It takes longer time for the sending unit and occupies the radio for other users for a longer time. For units that try stay hidden the sending time is critical when it comes to enemy localize them through radio tracer technique. And the need of transmit power(mW) is much lower and therefor more stealth.
  8. I know we can use voice chat, but if you play with the auto spotting of, more realistic. The repporting would be more efficient and clear to other troops. When theres 40 player on a server information wil slipp due to the radio is occupied.
  9. I think there is need of long distance binoculars to equip for some types of units. It should be added in the game to put in the inventory if needed. Se ticket. (vote please) http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=9398
  10. brynjard

    Shockingly bad AI

    A suggestion of repolish of AI and some functions. PLease vote. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=9314
  11. I think we need a basic message system to improve the gameplay. Description: I miss in the Arma series a tool for sharing information about enemy position and movment. If there where implemented a basic message/repporting system it would be a new aspect to the game for using of recon and observation post missions. Also it could be used to give objectives to units from a commander/platoon leader. All units have the same mission, but a leader could chose better disposal of troops insted of all engage from same direction. It should be like a message sent from unit to other relevant units chosen by sender. In most modern military radio communication systems there is text message options. Steps To Reproduce: Make a function in the "scroll menu" send message. Chose send report or send objective(if commander or platoon leader) Send report must contain following steps: - Reporting unit(automatic) - Time of observation. - Position of observer(automatic) - Positoin of observation. (small text box) - Description of activity. (text box) Send objective must contain following steps: - Reporting unit(automatic) - Time of report sendt - objective(text box) - Guidelines - Time guidelines(if there is any) Additional Information I know this isn`t military accurate. The real world is to complicated when it comes to this side of military standards. This is for the gameplay. The real world standards would not be good for gameplay. Check the link. Please vote. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=9348
  12. brynjard

    Snipers need extra Realism tweaks

    I really support this one. Especially the part with use of bipods and make snipers deploy these cause of the difficult aiming on long range shoots. It would stop them from infiltrating an enemy area with the biggest sniper rifle. It would also help avoiding Arma 3 being a big sniper party with camping allover the map.
  13. brynjard

    Land Warrior System in ARMA 3?

    If it the "Land Warrior System" where implemented in the game, it should be optionial or some equipment you had in your inventory like map, gps NVG ETC. So for the gameplay, some typical SF had this as standard, but not regular. And it should be limited by battery time as should NVG and GPS. But remember guys, all these systems the US Army present is not regular army systems. They usually cost alot of money and cannot be equipment for every soldier. As in real life NVGs, GPS and other "advanced equipment" they fuck up from time to time. You need batteries, equipment get wet and cold. Rough usage in all kinds of enviorinment. When the shit hits the fan, you must rely on basic soldier skills. There will be no SciFI, even i 2030. When your out there in the woods in the dark your still human... In the 1980-90 we really thought we would have UFOs insted of cars in 2000. (kids) ;)
  14. brynjard


    Couldn`t be more agree. If you could chose in the creating of a mission or host of a server it would be great for both.