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  1. Hi There, thought I would offer an update on my last posts a few weeks in. So after a full reset including uninstall and deleting all game saves it seems to have worked! Games save in around 3-4 seconds and load in around 4-5 seconds - a massive change from before. This proves that the patch fixes the save problem BUT you have to start with a new game ie: new game saves. The patch does not work with existing game saves! I have completed the mission a couple of times turning up the difficulty each time to make it harder and extending the life of the game. Despite having the ticks in the boxes on destroying the carrier and capturing all islands nothing happened..........the next time I played upon the same conditions I was told I had completed it so it looks like a glitch. Still thoroughly enjoying the game despite it's obvious shortcomings....terrible AI on the Walrus' and carrier engine control. Now if I can only find a way of stopping the two officers arguing everytime I approach an island in bad weather "Sir I Suggest we come back" - "Sir I strongly dissagree" GGGrrrr So if the developers can include a patch to send a memo to all officers to stop repeating advice I'd be happy (tongue in cheek)
  2. It's difficult to say...here's how the install went (excuse bullets) 1 unwrapped XBOX 2 installed game 3 completed (say) 3-4 islands (multiple save points) 4 tried installing game to hard drive of XBOX (no difference - game still freezes) 5 created new MS Live account 6 on next launch of CC - it automatically downloaded 4Mb patch 7 carried on playing.....still freezes 8 came to these forums and saw post at the top of this thread ------FORMATTED XBOX-------- 9 made sure all previous game saves were gone 10 installed CC straight to hard drive 11 started game to be fair it didn't seem to download the patch so I wonder if it's already there. I've been a PC and PS3 gamer for years so brand new to XBOX (I only purchased it for this one game!) I can't see an obvious way of checking the version number after spending 20mins on every menu I can find. Likewise the last time I launched it....it wouldn't let me run it until it downloaded the patch. So I'm hoping all is well now. Hey Ho - back to trying to find the Carrier on Foot! ---------- Post added at 17:21 ---------- Previous post was at 17:19 ---------- ***should add that my formatting may not be a full format as to be understood on a pc or playstation. I'm still trawling the forums trying to find the hidden "use this key combo to completely format the xbox ie: Clear memory, hard drive and revert to factory settings***
  3. Thanks for you quick reply - appreciated! So i've formatted (or as close as I can to it) the XBOX. Reinstalled CC to the hard drive and created a new campaign. Interestingly the save data is around 750Mb smaller than before....I was only 5 islands into the campaign...... I'm hoping this will answer it as around 10 save points shouldn't take up that amount of space! I'll report back in a few days and let you know whether the patch cured the problem Thanks again
  4. Good morning - this is my first post - please be gentle! I have waited for countless years for CC to be released......infact set a monthly reminder to check its progress (must get out more) I actually purchased a new XBOX just to play this one game instead of waiting for a new PC. My problem I think isn't unusual but when I try and save a game....it freezes with the time animation simply stopping. I signed up for a free XBOX live account last night and it seemed to pull down a CC 4Mb update. I've just had a look and can't see a version number. I've read somewhere that the patch does remove this error but you may have to start again. It is a little annoying but I'm prepared to do this if someone (please) can confirm that this will solve the problem...... Despite critisism - really enjoying the game, appreciate it's not for everyone but a lot of good work has gone into this remake.....well done! Many thanks in advance XBOX basic 4Gb No hacks clean install installed game to hard drive/memory as opposed to running from disk