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  1. So guys i thought we could do thread like this also :P, tell me wich places on altis do you like/ what is ur favourite place to be in. Mine is near Kavala the ruins of castle http://oi40.tinypic.com/zvd4hz.jpg (717 kB)
  2. Hello all. So i have a littlebit problems while trying to place units in A3 Alpha 3D editor, because while i put my script at this time "0 = this spawn {_this switchMove "InBaseMoves_sitHighUp1"; sleep 2; _this enableSimulation false;};" and hit ok, so it would create the unit, it dissapears and doesnt show up the unit. This works in 2D editor while im not using 3D but if i want to take good screenshots i would like to use 3D editor, but because i cannot make the animations making good screenshots are kinda difficult to make :P. Thanks for help!
  3. one thing on that, i think if that grass would be added to bottom of ocean it would drop the FPS much, because if it has moving animation too so it would look really realistic, it would drop much fps, atleast for me i think :D. But anyway, good points! but yeah, the underwater gearmenu should be added.
  4. Boo

    Arma 3 FanArt

    Really nice pictures here! Good job guys, i made my own one but photoshopped it from ingame diving :D maybe a bit bad but anyway. http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/4054/a3diving.png
  5. Ive found 3 wrecks for now, the big one, MV-22 and small boat. The underwater world of ArmA III is amazing! Cant wait to find more.
  6. I love you guys! Thx so much!
  7. How can i make it display it? Sry im newbie in scripting so i dont know how to make it display somewhere, so if you can give me the whole script (pos = getPosASLW diver;) and then how to display it
  8. Id so like to look that video. But still i want to explore the whole underwater world with my friends and not being helped (too much) by anyone :D. Anyway, my self i wound two wrecks one small ship and osprey.
  9. Hey guys, i was just wondering is there any kind of script where i could add depth gauge to my screen when diving, this would be really great so i could know wich depth am i on. This would add also a littlebit of realism also into the game, as reallife divers has depth gauge. Ohh and also. Can i run out of oxygen while diving?
  10. This looks soo nice!!! Cant wait for the release!!!!! =). Really nice job you have done there!
  11. Soooo awesome mod!!!!have to test it for sure!
  12. Rly nice work man!Lots of good stuff...only one problem is this modification is not fully compatbile with JSRS sound mod wich all servers are using wich are using ur modifications (with using i mean accepting signatures).