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    Moving items in-game?

    Thank you, I have not played arma in forever so I was a bit dumb-founded as there is alot of combined buttons and so forth so was not 100% sure if I was missing something as the game did not explain it nor did I find anything in search, thanks again :)
  2. Help? some things say drivers license etc and I do not know how to figure this out, and I am sure its not the boot camp or is it?
  3. What I mean by that is, how do I move an item upward, downward, left and right, up and down, closer and farther? I found a Mounted Machine Gun and went to move it up into this tower but when I set it down it would be stuck a bit outside of the tower and everytime I used it I would fall after I stopped using it?
  4. Age: 24 Style: I prefer piloting (and love them to death) Helicopters, but until I get a joystick It's a bit harder to do with the keyboard without further practice. I am more of a recon, sniper but also do not mind CQC or Assault on occasion so I am a bit spread out in what I can do efficiently. I play tactically and always will. (Until further practice with the helicopters, I would rather let someone else more experienced pilot them as I have not touched a helicopter sim for quite some time) Looking For: A squad with adults only, Teamspeak/Ventrillo/Mumbo etc or the use of actual in-game chat function. Mature players who know how to have fun and also take things seriously. Immature is alright as long as it is to a certain degree and not all the time since it can be taking too far for some. A squad that is heavy in tactics, and can carry on from Arma 2 to Arma 3 with. Experience: I just got the Arma X a couple days ago, I have not played Arma since Armed Assault and even though I got this game late and awaiting for Arma 3, figured I would get back into it. I am not that experienced in the way Arma's game mechanics are since Armed Assault and a bit rusty but I am working on the tutorials. I listen to orders, I call out contacts, tangos. I clear my sectors and know when and how to use my cover or to drop prone. I scope out places before entering as well. I do know what I am doing though by using my brain/common sense, but some of the game mechanics I am still learning.