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    Crime Life Roleplay Mission

    Alright will do, will be nice to know that I will have a mission to edit and throw up for my community when ArmA 3 comes out!
  2. mrward

    Crime Life Roleplay Mission

    Ok so I have tried again and again to sign up on your website, but my problem is the security question. I can't get the darn thing to work, I put in the answer and it never works. Can I get a PM with the correct security answer in the right format? Besides that I have player on the Life server you guys have been hosting a couple of times, I love it! And I want to help out on the website by reporting bugs, etc. And it would be nice to be able to use the website.
  3. mrward

    [TVT/CO-55] Wasteland

    My clan plans on putting up a dedicated server for this mission, we have had it up for a couple of days now and people love it. We have added some things though, we have added playable Independent slots for our clans members only, they are UN slots. They are there to act as a mediator/government until a new one can be put in place. At the moment the problems I face are the respawn/initial spawn script, I can not find it? I am trying to set it up so that the UN spawn in the UN base that I have built. Is there any way to change this? Also I want to be able to place food and water in our UN base for sake of UN slots. Or even disable the whole hunger/thirst for my UN. I love the mission entirely and am thankful you guys have this! So please if I could find out where these respawn scripts are, how to add in game items in the editor. This would be greatly appreciated.