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  1. Hello, We are a brand new communtity lookin for players. We started just a couple of days ago, and are looking for active and loyal players. Website link: http://ds-rp.enjin.com/home TS3 IP: ts.goguerrero.com:9767 What we do: We do mostly Cherno Life (ARMA 2 OA). And we are planning to do more community based game in the future. Regards, Scarecrow/TheGreatBenji
  2. TheGreatBenji

    "Bad version. Server rejected connection."

    Battle Eye Maybe? I would try to reinstall Battle Eye.
  3. TheGreatBenji

    September 1939 Mod

    Look's like this mod as alot of potential!
  4. TheGreatBenji

    Lots of Bombs

    Sounds epic!, i will defintely give this an try!
  5. TheGreatBenji

    War Planes

    Hope you complete this!
  6. TheGreatBenji

    is there a AI fix/mod?

    I hope they make the AI better for Arma 3
  7. TheGreatBenji

    80s, 90s, early 2000 US Military

    Looking very good, will definetly give this a try!
  8. TheGreatBenji

    Borderlands 2

    It is not that fun (in my opinion), just didnt like the way they made the graphics cartoonish (i like it more realistic.)
  9. Thanks, this helped me alot!
  10. TheGreatBenji

    ARMA3 banned in Iran

    Woahh!, i'm suprised^^
  11. TheGreatBenji

    "Sandy island", the island that never existed...

    Yeah, probaly a pixel fail! :D
  12. TheGreatBenji

    Admin reserved slot

    You can just do as Xeno said, put in an admin slot. Then have several warnings if people connect to it.
  13. I see no problem with the PVP, they just need to improve some bugs/glitches.
  14. TheGreatBenji

    PlanetSide 2

    It is great! very much worth downloading!