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  1. hey arma community I'm grilled I'm looking for a group (shocker) I'm male, 21 and from Canada eh! I'm a student but I have the next 4 months off. I have played with other squads before that have since dispersed into there own communities, so I know how to use ace, acre and various other mods. I like everything from infantry to armour to air. I'm looking for something big scale, so real combined arms if anyone is looking and you sound like what I want shoot me a pm
  2. hey my screen nic is Grilled and I'm looking for a squad. I got into arms a few months back for dayz and got over it really fast. but I recently discovered the real fun in arma 2. I have been playing for a couple of weeks now and I feel competent with a gun (I have also been practising with choppers, but I would quite trust me to air life people yet) a bunch of my friends all got the game with me for dayz but when dayz started to get boring the all ditched the game, despite attempts to get them into the real thing. I have no problem taking orders, but I like to goof off sometimes. I'm willing to help in the creation of missions I have been having fun setting up a few myself (ied bombed patrols, trapped soldiers with enemies moving in) nothing fancy but it entertained for a bit. I'm trying to sharpen my skills so you can expect me to get better. to be frank im sick of needing to feed orders through the system set up in the game its alright but nothing compares to being able to fight side by side with someone you can communicate with in real time and understands the situation a little better any replies would be nice