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  1. Nathan1506

    Little dot when zooming

    I think its supposed to be something like the old arma sights, remember where where two lines indicating where you are looking (which in this case would be the dot) andt then a smaller line indicating where your gun is aiming (in this case the crosshair). could be wrong, just my two cents.
  2. Nathan1506

    Help with AI

    So i've been making a few scenarios for vids and such, and i'm having trouble getting soldiers to walk over mines. I want a squad to encounter an IED and have it explode beneath them, since we don't have IEDs yet and i would rather it be automatic (so no Satchel charge) I wanted to use one of the mines available. However i cant get the soldiers to walk over the mine, they walk around it instead. Even with a soldiers skill set to low, and the waypoint set to "careless" they still walk around the mines, any help?
  3. Would be a cool feature, especially since underwater units are quote "mostly used for stealth", it would make sense for them to be able to crouch underwater to hide, maybe not prone, as you would probably float a bit.
  4. Nathan1506

    Problems of RCO/ACRO sights.

    I kinda agree, with these optics every rifle feels like a low powered sniper, rather than an assault rifle.
  5. Nathan1506

    Stratis 360°

    Very true! Stratis will become the Utes of Arma 3
  6. Nathan1506

    Tips on flying a helicopter?

    Joystick isnt really needed, i fly just fine with the mouse. As said before, the WASD keys should really only be used when delicate movements arent needed, like when turning at speed. Use first person view with helecopters, and fly mostly with slow mouse movements :) Arma 3 Helecopters are MUCH easier to fly than A2 ones, the littlebird feels almost identical to the BF3 model.
  7. Nathan1506

    Arma3 Videos

  8. Nathan1506

    Adding things to a ammocrate or supplybox ??

    replace "box1" with "this" "box1" names a box, but since you are putting it in the local init of that box, "this" would work better. Visit THIS thread to get all of the working codes for the init of ammo boxes. If you to through a few pages of comments you will find already coded lines for you to copy/paste
  9. Nathan1506

    Does wind affect things yet?

    I may be wrong, but at the moment I think wind affects how sound travels, atleast from what i've seen (heard?) the wind both disrupts sound if you are facing a certain direction, and sound travels different distances up/down wind. Again I may be wrong, but this is how it seems.
  10. Hi. So I decided to make a new thread about my problem since a lot of crashes are unique to the player, but this does seem like the same thing a lot of people are getting. Basically the game works fine in single player, i can get 40-60fps on ultra with all of the extras enabled, with our without vsync. When i switch to multiplayer my fps drops to around 20, even with the settings on normal or below. Then (usually after around 20 mins) the game hangs and i get "Arma 3 Alpha has stopped working" Sometimes it does this immediately when loading the mission, but usually after some time of playing (20 mins ish) I cant seem to find any error logs, neither in the root or the appdata folder, either im looking in the wrong place or the logs aren't generating. I've tried running without antivirus, closing all other programs, tweaking settings and nothing seems to work. Like i said it runs perfect in single player D: Any help? Ideally first suggesting where to find the error logs, if that would help a bit more. ==== PhenomII 4x @ 4ghz (ish) 2x AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series 8gb DDR3 I wont go into too much detail with specs seeing as it runs fine ultra in single player ==== Yes, i know its an alpha, but since not everyone is getting this problem there must be some way to stop it :) thanks in advance. EDIT: Maybe this might help?
  11. Nathan1506

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I'm using the Phenom II x4 @around 4ghz and i've never had any problems, with Arma 2 or this alpha
  12. It could be done with mods i guess, but the whole idea of arma is to create an authentic millitary experience, including things like no having two sets of eyes (looking at map while driving/playing) and servers would probably disallow it.
  13. Nathan1506

    OPFOR too Futuristic?

    Bohemia stated (go find the quote, im not your librarian ;) ) than most if not ALL of the tech and gear used for both sides are modelled or based on REAL technology that is either being tested, or prototyped today. I dont see the problem? they look fine, the gear looks normal the only "futuristic" thing being the swing down UI shades on the helmet, thats it... As for the "underdog" faction i agree, but bear in mind we havnt seen any "independant" faction models yet, that may be just what you are looking for.
  14. Nathan1506

    Voice Acting has got to go.

    i dont get the problem? this is Arma, a millitary simulation game, not "voice of the year awards", get over it already xD it doesnt impact the game whatsoever