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  1. Im new to ArmA but I'm pretty decent at the game, maybe if you would like to we can play together and have some fun? I have: -ArmA II -ArmA: Operation Arrowhead -ArmA: British Armed Forces DLC Add me on Skype: septurae
  2. Great, buying right now. Thanks for the help guys :D
  3. So i bought Arma II Operation Arrowhead, with full succes. Everything works. Then i installed ArmA II: Free but in game the graphics look disguisting! Take a look at the helicopter and the guys texture: http://i.imgur.com/MrXfL.jpg > 100 KB My graphic settings: (When i put everything on the highest settings not any changes are committed. http://i.imgur.com/5j5Yl.jpg > 100 KB Thanks in advance for helping me out
  4. Septura

    co op ?

    not now but i can do next week