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    Taw View Distance

    I get this error from the TAW view distance: No entry 'C:\Users\Timothy\Documents\Arma 3- Other Profiles\PVT%Delta\mpmissions\c o50_AW_Invade_&_Annex_2_65b_Altis\des cription.ext/TAW_VD/controls/ButtonClose .color Focused'.
  2. We are experiencing problems with Headless client for Invade & Annex & Domination 2 for Arma 3. We are looking for a solution to the problem. I will provide TS Info for anybody willing to come to us and help. [Task Force BlackJack] TS:
  3. CheytacM200

    Arma 3 Domination Error

    I am from TASK FORCE BLACK JACK and my friend edited a Domination. When we come into the game their is this unique error that comes up on the screen. No entry 'mpmissions\_ _CUR_MP.Altis/d_FramesHandlerRsc/controlsBanckground/dummy_map.PowerSolar.' I would like to know if anybody encountered this kind of error.
  4. The problem I am having is choppers spawning duplicates on pad. I know all about the i_client where all the original choppers spawn and their channel numbers. I just wanna fix this. And one other thing , how do you setup the script for admin slot in Domi.