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  1. Just trying to get this running, but when in-game i'm getting "Resource Title Chopper_lift_hud2 not found" when i get into a chopper. Any ideas?
  2. In my experience the admins are useless. #1) We got killed by a guy who teleported away from us and the admin refused to do anything, dismissing the accusation because the person had played before, and become friendly with the admin. #2) Hacker on the server dropping GBU's on people, admin does nothing, kicks one of our guys when he accidently says "enemy left" on global. Minutes later there's a guy singing over global - gets away with it. Do yourself a favor, don't wear out your keyboard.
  3. Been playing for a while now, and enjoying the game for the most part. The group that i play in has noticed an increase in occasions where we would kill an individual or group that were well geared, but immediately find their body disappearing. After a lot of frustration killing people with awesome guns and finding their body gone, i realised the players are jumping to lobby immediately after being killed, so that their body disappears along with their gear. Besides being unsportsmanlike, is this a punishable offence? unfortunately i dont have any evidence of specific occasions when this has happened, but a good example was this evening, a guy killed me, looted my M110NV and was then killed by a teammate, he jumped to lobby and his gear vanished. Cheers