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  1. Hi guys Would it be possible to place a marker on the map with a type of flag on it then have a trigger change the type of flag on that marker dependant on a condition?
  2. ToM666

    global AI setting

    So if I am using Bangabobs EOS. I just need to place one OPFOR soldier anywhere on the map with this code in the init field and it will ensure all AI that spawn in the activated zones have the same accuracy setting? Would this also work if I put it in the init.sqf?
  3. ToM666

    global AI setting

    Hi mate. Do you put that in a trigger? Also, can you set accuracy in the same way. That is the biggest issue for me. I want the AI to be skill ful just not aimbot skillfull LOL.
  4. Hi guys The map I have made "Operation Chemo" relies for the most part on the EOS system by bangabob to provide enemy occupation. Is there any way to globally set the variable for AI, kill, armour, accuracy etc when there is a script such as this spawning the enemy troops for you?
  5. ToM666

    CJTF101's EDITOR v1.1

    Just to put this issue to bed in case anyone else is having the same problem. All the problems I was having were as a direct result of putting the container "Land_Cargo40_military_f" into my mission. Since removing it and not using it anymore I was able to add more content using Keewa's mod, save it as a multiplayer mission, upload it to the server and join the server without any trouble. I think I was just unlucky in that I chose to use probably the only item that wasn't in the game anymore LOL. Thanks for your help everyone. Regards ToM
  6. ToM666

    CJTF101's EDITOR v1.1

    That'll be it. I did add one container but when I previewed it yuo couldn't see it (invisible). I've just checked in the editor and sure enough it is still in the map. I've just deleted it so hopefully that will stop the error now. Thanks mate. ToM
  7. ToM666

    CJTF101's EDITOR v1.1

    Hi guys First of all big thanks to Tomclothier for saving my mission LOL :cool: Secondly This is the 1st mod I have used so I may have got it wrong but all I did was follow this tutorial: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?150428-Beginners-guide-How-do-i-install-mods-addons I basically put the mod into the directory below. I didn't put a launch parameter in because the tutorial led me to believe (if I have understood it correctly) that I didn't need to. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\@cjtf101editor\addons I then fired up Arma 3 enabled the expansion and rebooted the game. I then added the items to my mission, saved as a multiplayer mission and uploaded to the clan server. The rest is as explained in my OP. Not sure why it has happened TBH. The mission is now playable but I am getting an error that says something like "config.bin/cfgvehicles.land_cargo40_military_F no longer exists". I have left the new stuff I added using your mod in the mission for now as the error doesn't appear to be causing a problem in the short term. Loving all the new stuff though mate. Thanks very much :cool:
  8. ToM666

    CJTF101's EDITOR v1.1

    Hi guys I've just used this mod to add some of the extra content to my multiplayer map. Was like a kid in a sweet shop I have to say :p Having added the content, about 6 items radar and cargo HQ's etc I uploaded it to our server and tried to join. The server recognised I still had the mod running on my home pc and kicked me. Fair enough I thought and disabled the mod, rebooted the game and tried again. It was at this point a clan mate joined me for a game but we both just sat looking at the loading screen for about 5 minutes. I then tried to remove the stuff I had added but the editor wouldn't let me open it untill I re-enabled the mod. I did this and removed all the stuff I had added. I then disable the mod and tried to reload the map in the editor but it was still asking for the mod to be enabled even though I had completely removed all the stuff I added through the mod. Now I imagine the problem is I am saving the map with the mod enabled. However, I am in a catch 22 becuase I can't edit the map to save it without the mod enabled because I need to have it enabled to open it LOL :D I am starting to get a little bit concerned as I did a school boy error and didn't back the map up before adding the new stuff. This map represents many hours of work so I am hoping there is a way to fix this or I will be quite dis-heartened :butbut: Am I buggered or is there a simple thing I can do to sort this out? :) Many Thanks ToM
  9. ToM666


    I hadn't but I have now mate. Fingers crossed he can assist.
  10. ToM666


    Hi guys I know I may well get critisized for asking this *puts on flame proof jacket* but I could do with some help with setting up out of bounds areas on a TDM map I am making *runs out of the thread*. *checks coast is clear and walks back in* I've just been searching the forum and found several posts about using triggers and set damage 1 etc but I can't seem to get it to work. I am trying to achieve the following: I would like to create two areas. Area 1 - Opfor cannot enter (The NATO base) Area 2 - NATO cannot enter (The Opfor base) I would then like to create a large gaming area that if anyone leaves they get a warning then after a variable period they basically die. Lastly I would like a scoreboard with an amount of tickets on that will decrement to zero every time someone dies and the first team to zero loses. I don't know whether I am using the wrong search terms but struggling to find relevant threads although I am sure they must be there somewhere.
  11. I've just been trying the example given by tyra and my soldier dies no whether he is placed inside or outside the marker area.
  12. ToM666

    rearm jets

    Nice one mate, I've also found that using the word "air" instead of helicopter works too :)
  13. Hi guys Is there any way to implement the above script in the new look EOS system. This EOS_init file no longer exists from what I can see.