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    Widescreen / Multi-monitor set up

    i know this is an old thread, but I just set up 3 monitor and trying to play arma 2 and arma 3 on them. With 5760x1080 everything looks very much stretched horizontally. Is it possible to make my horizontal vision larger without distorting the proportions? Basically a 3x wider 1920x1080 screen vision.... cheers
  2. ghiro

    Java VM Support - Clarifications

    any take on these points?
  3. Hi everyone, I look forward to play around and approach arma3 scripting when the Java support will be enabled at some stage. On this subject could someone please clarify if: 1. The Java support would be some kind of wrapper implementation of the current SQF api. In other words, would it be beneficial to invest time to get used to the current scripting API, as it will heavily influence the Java one, or should I wait until the Java API comes out? 2. I have read in the forum that an existing BI game, TOH, has some kind of existing Java based scripting support. Again, Is that worth investigating, with an arma3 application in mind? Thanks for the constructive responses.
  4. SaMatra, I also would like to thank you for the effort you are putting in this project, playing wasteland on your servers is real fun. Are there any plans to make the world persistent anytime soon? keep it up!