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  1. Is there any way to show for example "Direction: 037" in the bottom right of the screen with the numbers being your compass bearing for what direction you're looking?
  2. So... are you saying there's a chance? :D
  3. Interesting, I followed all the steps correctly and they still weren't showing up for me as ammo boxes.
  4. I can't open them either, can you upload them somewhere?
  5. I agree, Rearmed for ArmA III would be amazing. Just imagine how much content we'd have for ArmA III to mess around with! Right now the Alpha is rather limited in content and could definitely use some more.
  6. You told me how to make them so the game loads them in but how to I actually use the guns?
  7. Sa-Matra, if possible can you remove fog from appearing? It's incredibly frustrating. Either it's that or the US servers are running on a super low view distance. Speaking of the US servers, why do I get lower FPS on them than on say #5 EU? I'm talking about 7-10 FPS whereas I get ~20 on #5 EU.
  8. Ahh I know just the solution. When it starts stuttering hold Left Shift+Minus on Numberpad for a few seconds then type flush. Clears your video memory.
  9. Arma 2 in singleplayer has much more effects, explosions, vehicles and it does all the AI calculations on your own CPU which is even more intensive yet it still runs better than Wasteland. Arma 2 multiplayer also runs better.
  10. How come in Wasteland I get like 13-25 FPS on a good day however in regular Arma 2 OA and in DayZ I get 45-60?
  11. Sa-Matra, night lasts way too long. All the time I see people complaining about night on sidechat too. LET THERE BE LIGHT SA-MATRA!
  12. ^ Sweet! I hope it's another US server. The current US servers are so damn sluggish that it leaves me playing on the EU servers.
  13. I tested out JSRS w/ CBA on various arma2.ru wasteland servers and I found out that it works fine on servers with a low playercount (under 30ish) and it starts getting sluggish and glitchy on servers with servers with a high playercount (over 30ish) The problems include slow loading of spawn menu, player menu and scroll wheel menu won't show up. Respawning leaves you waiting in debug land for a while. In general a lot of UI errors. I did a little research on JSRS and I found the following quote :c
  14. Oh really? I used CBA, didn't get any error messages and it worked fine. Should I not use CBA? Edit: Nevermind... getting problems. :C. Sa-Matra fix this! allow us to use JSRS in wasteland :p