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  1. WolfeUK

    HE round kill radius

    feel the same on this i do
  2. WolfeUK

    Throwing of smoke underwater

    not sure how a smoke grenade would work under water in RL, surely it would just be alot of smoke bubbles heading for the surface, some kind of ink grenade might work though, abit like an octopus's defense
  3. WolfeUK

    Controlling a chopper with the Xbox 360 pad

    you could just answer without being a jerk about it, i wasnt at my pc at the time !!
  4. WolfeUK

    Controlling a chopper with the Xbox 360 pad

    i have my controller set up so the right stick is for looking around, so to answer your question yes you can, when im next on there i will look at how i set it up for you
  5. WolfeUK

    Third person mode & realism

    nice, mature enough to start throwing insults !! you clearly dont understand the difference between the 2 views and im fed up with pointing them out so im done with it....
  6. WolfeUK

    Third person mode & realism

    i think im missing the point your trying to make ? in 3rd person view you can see alot more as in being able to look round corners and see over walls without exposing yourself, you couldn't do that in 1st person view, for me at least it makes it very unrealistic to use 3rd person view, personally i feel like your cheating the system in 3rd Person view
  7. WolfeUK

    Player Movement

    i completely agree with the OP on the clunky feel, after playing console games for many many years, likes of cod and BF, to come on here i feel the movement is no where near as smooth as it could be, but there games are like that, i played Carrier Command and thats horrendous with clunky unresponsive movement, the amount of times i try to walk through a door and it just lurches past and have to make several attempts just to get through, even last night with my m8 trying to get in a car, hardly ever first time, i watch alot of Arma3 videos, even vets on there have problems walking through doors
  8. WolfeUK

    Third person mode & realism

    your quote "and the field of view is the same in 1st person and in 3rd the only difference is that the 3rd person is a few meters back, and you can't see what is directly in your front like a small rock that will block your path" you very clearly stated that 1st person and 3rd person are the same apart from you cant see directly in front of you ??? again i stand by what i wrote !!
  9. WolfeUK

    Minigun firerate

    i would imagine if the fire rate was realistic it would create alot of server lag, specially if theres a few of you firing at any one time
  10. WolfeUK

    Third person mode & realism

    i have and stand by what i wrote, the point im making is your use of the word forcing, you cant force anyone to do anything, everyone has a choice to say no
  11. WolfeUK

    Third person mode & realism

    they dont have to join the server if they dont like the set up, no ones forcing anyone
  12. WolfeUK

    Third person mode & realism

    you couldnt be any more wrong, the field of view is different between 1st and 3rd person view, lets say your hiding behind a rock cause your under fire, in first PV all you can see is a rock, in 3rd PV you can see beyond that rock and see where there firing position is without exposing your self, same as looking around buildings your hiding behind
  13. WolfeUK

    Third person mode & realism

    ive always though that, i love first person view as for me its the final thing to get as close to the real experience as possible, but i do watch some ppl who dont like any kind of normal chatter or crying babys as it ruins there experience yet in 3rd person view, i dont get it either as i feel its a big cheat, 3rd person view means you can see alot more of the battle field for starters, will never understand it
  14. WolfeUK

    Impressions after playing the game.

    he starts off by saying ppl dont have a right to complain about a certain aspect of the game, then went on to complain about other aspects, this is a big contradiction and thats what i was pointing out, you cant moan cause someone complained, then do it yourself
  15. WolfeUK

    Impressions after playing the game.

    so its ok for you to complain about aspects of the game but not for anyone else ??