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  1. You could say that using the powerful light will cause a reduction in power and some fluctuation of the vehicle's instrumentation display. ;)
  2. Hi guys, I found some likely commands, but I'm completely clueless about the syntax. How would I get a trigger to actibate when a specificvehicle enters its area? I actually want it to the end the game as our heroes evac in an assault boat. :)
  3. Hi guys, I started from scratch and rewrote the mission. I'm not sure but I think what I did was accidentally set a sound effect in one of my triggers that was premium content. So what I was seeing in the Required Assets List was confusing to say the least. I hadn't appreciated how this worked until now, so I'll just need to be more careful. Thanks for the help. :)
  4. Hi guys, I've just come back to my humble level of editing after some time away, and although the mission I've been working on is coming along nicely, I have hit a problem. I seem to have inadvertently used some DLC content, because now when I try to test the mission I am getting a 'nag requester' appearing initially on the right side of the screen. It shows Shift P and a Fighter aircraft. The thing is there aren't supposed to be any fighter aircraft in the mission, I had a parked helicopter, but I've removed that and the requester is still there. I'm completely cool with Bohemia charging for DLC or for whatever they want, but I'm just confused because I didn't mean to use any and I don't know how to identify what content I have used and how I can remove it. Can anybody help? This is on Malden by the way, in case that makes a difference - thanks.
  5. That might be best, as you're clearly not bothering to read what I'm writing. Nice attitude by the way.
  6. Okay, what you say makes perfect sense - it seems I have misunderstood Nikander's post. I have been through the assets in my mission and stripped out everything that shows an icon, but I'm still getting the requester. Can you advise me on how to remove the offending asset(s), or once I have loaded them into the scenario, does it remember, even if I delete them?
  7. Well, when I sequentially removed these items from the mission, corresponding entries in the Required Add-on list also disappeared, so I didn't really know what to think. Have I understood correctly, anyrhing appearing in the Required Add-on list needs to be paid for or it will generate the Left Shift P requester?
  8. I'm still confused. A lot of the items I used in my mission didn't show any icon or Premium content warning (assault boats, frogmen, set task modules etc) but removing them was the only way to clear the Required Add-on list in the Scenario menu. Which effectively removed my mission. I appreciate the help, but I think I'm still missing some key information.
  9. Thanks guys. I looked at the required addons list and I seemed to have about a dozen occurencies. It wasn't clear to me what exactly was being referred to so I gradually deleted things checking this list as I did so. So am I right in thinking that the set task and set task state modules I've been using are DLC/premium content? :-/ Because it wasn't until I'd deleted all of them that the list was cleared. As I say I think its fine for Bohemia to charge for whatever they want, but I think it should be transparent so that the user is absolutely clear on whether he's using content he must pay for or not. Maybe its me, but I don't think this is the case currently.
  10. Hi guys, I've tried, but I can't work this out. I've created a mission where essentially you need to kill an enemy soldier, and then get to a location. When you kill the soldier, I used the !alive condition and some music plays, and a text message displays, telling the player where to go. This all works fine. I then created a flag with an area at the appropriate location which creates a mission successful ending, but I need it to only work if the soldier has been killed. I tried putting in the same !alive NastyFellow in the condition box, but it did not work. How should I accomplish this simple task? :) Thanks.
  11. Hi guys, I've been happily playing small co-operative missions with my friend for a while, but recently changed my ISP to BT Internet. Unfortunately after copying my port forwarding details across from my old router I could not host, although I could join his games. I'm not quite sure which step solved the problem but it works now and here's what I did: Put in the port forward information. Made my pc's IP static, and specifically an address close to but outside the router's DHCP range. Turned off UPnP on the router settings and bingo - hope that helps someone. :)
  12. Hi all, My friend Paul and I have both recently bought ARMA 3 (disk versions) but we are both pretty new to this kind of game. Paul is a few missions into the the singleplayer campaign Survive, but seems to be stuck in a loop. After returning from the crashed helicopter mission (Blackfoot Down - with the wounded pilot) he has been unable to progress. Unsure how to proceed he has been wandering around the countryside shooting the place up, and the Mission tree in the campaign menu reflects this with lots of entries of Maxwell, Patrol, Maxwell, Patrol etc. We are aware that often when returning from a mission you'll see a message telling you to "Check in" with a distance indicator, or sometimes a soldier will ask if you are coming on the next mission and to attend Captain Miller's briefing. This doesn't seem to be happening though, and the poor guy is getting pretty frustrated. How should he proceed? He noticed that the second part of the campaign (Adapt) was visible in the menu but its greyed out, is that normal and is it only unlocked after completing Survive? We would appreciate any advice you can spare, if he can get going in the game this weekend he'll be a very happy bunny. Cheers.
  13. >> then your second trigger condition should be >> !alive whoever && this Many thanks guys, that did it - apologies for my complete thickness with this stuff.
  14. Yes, sorry, the 2nd trigger activates wth the first one, ending the game - I don't know the syntax for "Player is present AND toolbox is not alive." other than put Blueforce present with the highlightable boxes - does it need to be actually in the condition box too? :-/
  15. Thanks for the reply. I'm not quite getting it. I used a toolkit (tool1) and put deletevehicle tool1 in the on Act box of the trigger for killing the enemy guy, having placed tool1 way over yonder. In the second trigger I put the condition !alive tool1 - thinking that if the player is at the location and tool1 is dead (deleted) the trigger will activate. What happens is it activates as soon as I kill the enemy guy, before moving to the location. Sorry to be slow. :)
  16. Sorry for the delay in replying. We lost our internet connection on Friday. Thanks, I have now located the folders you mentioned, and have used the Init.sqf file method you described. Its more difficult to say, what the actual effect is. Initially, on my mission, we still have our hands full trying to survive the opening firefight which is at the start of the mission, just after a short car ride. This is also true when I play alone (in multiplayer) but I am a bit more likely to survive this encounter. If I do survive the start, after that, the enemy AI are really not very dangerous, and you can sometimes casually reload while they blaze away at you from across the street, and then watch them die when you return fire! It might just be that I've made the beginning too difficult with too much enemy fire converging on the player - but I don't think so - I'm sure they are more accurate and deadly. Do you know if the Init.sqf method completely overides any of the similar setting I've assigned to the enemy AI squads, or does the game look at both somehow? I do still like my old method (if it would work) not least because you can assign separate skill levels to different squads, so you could be dealing with basic conscripts for most of a mission and then have a final encounter with special forces at the end for instance. In any event, there is a big difference in difficulty between testing my mission witin the Editor and playing the exported multiplayer version, and that can't be a good thing. Again, many thanks for your time and trouble.
  17. I recently completed editing a mission for my friend and I to play co-operatively on-line. When I was editing it, it was initially pretty good fun, but I felt it wasn't challenging enough, so I made a bit tougher, until I thought it was just right for the two of us to attempt. I proudly presented it to my friend expecting us both to have an entertaining hour or two, but..... we died, again and again, and again - and this was right at the start, in a relatively easy part. I went back to edit it, but I had to keep on making the AI more and more stupid, until we had any chance of surviving for more than a few seconds - and this is with some of the AI wandering about like idiots in the middle of a firefight. What is it about making the edited version into a multiplayer mission that has made it so much more difficult? The AI are just faster and more deadly, unless I turn them into morons. Thanks for any advice.
  18. Oh sorry, I would have replied sooner - but I assumed you were talking to a dog.... Yes, "something like that". I don't have access to my ARMA 3 computer during the day, so my description is from memory and may not be perfect, although I think it is actually about right, though I may have missed a space out between "ARMA" and "3". Yes, the mission was exported from the editor. I'm a bit confused here, and I apologise if it is a stupid question, but if this is just the saved mission (the usermission) from the editor, why does it go into a folder called MPMissions, when it hasn't been decided what sort of a mission it is yet? Yes, this is why I have been reluctant to use scripts - because to use your expression, I "dabble" in the editor, and I have had a lot of fun with it in the process- actually more fun than with the game itself..... but I am well aware that I am a complete lightweight compared to many of the good folks on the forum, yourself included. I've actually installed Steam on a different drive as I try to keep my C drive for my core programs only, but okay...... Okay, I will re-check that tonight. Its essentially that, but as I say, its on another drive - from memory its something like Data 1:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 I will confirm tonight - thanks again for your help.
  19. Thanks for the reply, Günter. Oddly enough, this old brain wondered if Wordpad might be causing a problem, so I used Note pad - but I didn't see any difference with the AI behaviour. They were still very tough. :-/ Also, my missions are just saved in the SteamApps/Common/ARMA3/mpmissions folder (or something like that). They are all just saved in there together, not put into their own folders - might that be causing a problem, and if I put the Init.sqf file in there with them, will it still work (just on all of them)?
  20. Well I tried... I copied the text and pasted it into a WordPad document saved it as rtf but named it init.sqf - my mp files were somewhere else, in my SteamApps/ARMA3 folder. The thing is, all my other mp missions are there too, so I assume they will all now use the sqf file? But it didn't work. If anything the mission seemed harder, this was me playing on my own again from multiplayer. My assumption is I have made a mistake and the sqf file is not being recognised. Any thoughts?
  21. Guys, thank you very much for the responses. I did a limited test last night. I played the mission on my own, from the multiplayer screen (LAN setting). I changed the difficulty setting from Regular (where all of my missions are set) to Recruit and found the mission quite easy. Then I went back to the Regular (my usual) setting, and.... it was also quite easy. So it seems to me that when somebody actually joins me on the mission, the AI become much more deadly. I will have an opportunity to test this at the weekend when I have a session with my friend, and I'll report the results back here. Multiplayer Editor I tried using the editor from the top of the screen in Multiplayer where you choose the mission from, but it seemed to only let me create a new mission, not edit an existing one - would I have to start from scratch on this editor, or copy and paste my existing mission elements to it, and would any of that make a difference? :-/ Thanks again for your advice, I appreciate it.
  22. Thanks Tajin, that's weird though because I'm sure I have never touched those settings, and as you say, locally (or within the Editor) it plays just how I want it to, it just goes to nightmare level when I play with my friend in multiplayer. I was thinking it might be to do with the large amounts of AI squads I have put in the area, if somehow that became very process intensive in a multiplayer setting and that in turn affected the behaviour/responses/lethality of the AI. Probably nonsense, but I'm clutching at straws here. :)
  23. Please forgive my lack of knowledge, I'm serious - I know very little about how this works. As I understand it, I'm hosting the game from my pc, and my friend joins me using ARMA 3's multiplayer joining screen (types in my sever name, port 2302 etc). Does this mean I can determine the settings you mentioned, as the host?
  24. I'm not familiar with the Multiplayer Editor, I'm only at the very basic stages of editing, but we enjoy ourselves. I've been putting something like this (kindly posted by Beerkan) into the intialization box of AI squad leaders: AISKILLS = group this;{_x setSkill ["aimingspeed", 0.15];_x setSkill ["spotdistance", 0.15];_x setSkill ["aimingaccuracy", 0.1];_x setSkill ["aimingshake", 0.1];_x setSkill ["spottime", 0.3];_x setSkill ["spotdistance", 0.5];_x setSkill ["commanding", 0.5];_x setSkill ["general", 0.6];} foreach units AISKILLS; And it worked really well in making the AI less challenging for our dubious combat skills. :) But on my recent mission (remember this just me and my friend) it didn't seem to have any effect and we were being shot to pieces in seconds. What do you think would cause this?