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  1. It would be a great thing to have a kind of multiple rocket battery at the back deck of the Carrier. I think it should be used as following for example: 1. Activation with the normal defence/attack Systems (Key "0") 2. Get a overview from the Island (like Map view) 3. select the impact point and radius and the amount of rockets to fire 4. Add some "FIRE" buttom so we can watch the spectacle from the Carrier view. by the way - the impact sound of the main shell gun from the carrier is real HOT! Good work.
  2. I installed Patch 1.03 and after this the game crashed a few seconds after doubleclick the icon on the desktop. Now i installed the game new and tryed the Patch one more - it crashed again! So the Patch actually wont work correctly. :( Win7 64 bit Intel I5 760 2.80 GHz 4 GB Ram Asus ENGTX 460
  3. Hello everybody... today i´ve installed the 1.03 Beta Patch but when i try to start the game, it crashes about one second after doubleclick on the Icon. So the patch doesn´t work for me actually. With 1.02 it worked fine. Win7 64 bit ASUS ENGTX 460