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  1. Sure mate and I appreciate it. Here it is: http://www.epm-gaming.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?349-Test-Build&p=1642&viewfull=1#post1642 Regards,
  2. Hi again Cortez, Thanks a bunch for getting back to me. :) Sounds good you are working on #1, would be a most welcome addition indeed. :cool: What I mean about #3 is in the Chat Log, if it's possible to add a simple filter for each Channel or at least just for Global and Side, so you only see one at a time. Also is it possible to color code each faction in the Side Channel, so Blufor is blue as now, but Opfor are red and Independent are green? @4 yes I was referring to the Log tab to the far right. If it would be possible to Filter out events like Player connected and player disconnected, so you only see some of the more important info there? Alright, after fixing it so I can enter the More Options, it all started to make perfect sense and think I got it all pretty much covered now. Could be a good idea to make a small tutorial videos anyways for other newcomers. Could even have it as a link under help, when you have that ready. :) As goes for the Global Database part, a few wishes. 1. Would it be possible to right click a local database player and search him up against the global database, just to see if he is perm banned on other servers? 2. I think it's almost essential that we can see the Player notes in the Global Database, would be an awesome way to figure out who to ban. Think I found a small bug. I suddenly see duplicate chat from some players in the chat box, think it happened after RCon dropped connection and EPM auto reconnected. Again awesome tool, thank you for your wonderful work on it. Regards,
  3. Yeah that was what I feared, guess I have to hunt down the Devs on BE and demand those features ;)
  4. Hi Cortez, Thank you for this great tool, just started using it. :D First of, I seem to be getting an error when choosing "More Options ..." http://puu.sh/74xqk.png Now for a few things I would love to see in the future: 1. Ability to login as a Moderator with less functions available (if that is even possible with RCon). 2. Some form of Global log, so every new connecting Admin can see what was going on since the server started. 3. A quick filter option in the Chat, so you can filter by Global only or Side Only. Would it even be possible to who which side, maybe color code after it!? 4. Also some filter option in Log would be super epic. 5. Keep your sorting option in the Database tab, when you switch you another tab and then back again (now it seems to reset). 6. A quick help option or some tool tips, would be awesome. Now for some quick noob questions: 1. After some time I finally realized that the Global option under the Database menu, was showing someone elses Database, by the looks of it. My 1 million $ question is, who are these players, were did this list originated from and are these online players now or what exactly? Also increasing the number in the button, seem to show another Database, again whos? lol. 2. Speaking of Database, is there a tutorial somewhere of how to fully use it to it's full potential? :o Think that was it for now. Again awesome tool, really a welcome addition to Admin tools. Best regards,
  5. This script is so insanely awesome, really love it mate. Thank you so much Igi_PL :D Best regards,
  6. Krycek_dk

    Repetitive Cleanup

    Great script aeroson, appreciate it mate ;)
  7. Krycek_dk

    =BTC= Logistic [A3] - BETA

    I believe you need to look in your cleanup scripts and make the rule there mate. :)
  8. I think that was exactly it. Need to wait for the next restart, but I did notice the file size was bigger. :ok: Thank you for pointing me to the right posts and sry I didn't find em myself. :o
  9. Hi Fred, I am very tempted to try this out on dp Official Wasteland. So thought I trow it right in there when we had our restart this evening. Only problem is I get this error message: http://i.imgur.com/fEGiN4V.png I tried both the Stable and Experimental build, both with the exact same error. I had already set arma3server.exe to run as Admin, so I´m a bit lost to what this could be!? The server is a VM running trough Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. It has 8 GB RAM allocated. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers,
  10. Yes it is, we are using it on our Wasteland mod. :) No and we have it also, please let me know if you find a fix, it bugs the hell out of me. :(
  11. Krycek_dk

    =BTC= Revive

    I understand Giallustio is probably really busy lately. So if someone else, with more coding knowledge then me, would please explain/help with the Giallustio solution to my post on the previous page, that my noob brain did not get, it would be very much appreciated. I feel so close here, but yet so far. :confused:
  12. Krycek_dk

    =BTC= Revive

    Hi Giallustio, Thanks for taking the time, away from your exams, answering me mate. I do however not really know what you mean. Although I wish my programming skills were close to yours, they really aren't i´m afraid. Would you be so kind and elaborate a bit / explain it in more detail, so a noob like me also get's it? ;) Thanks in advance and best of luck with those exams.
  13. Fantastic work guys. Thanks for your generous contribution. :D
  14. Krycek_dk

    =BTC= Revive

    First off, awesome piece of work on this addon. Simple and beautiful, just love it! :ok: I am also currently in the process of "cracking this tough nut" and I would simply love to see some suggestions/solutions on this. :D At this point I have pretty much cut the addon to the bone, so it only have features that I want. So I really just need to figure out how to kill the player a second time without triggering another "waiting for revive" state. Reason this is important, is I need to have the player drop dead "for real" this time so his gear, money and any other loot can in fact be looted. This event is only required if I choose not to wait for a revive and therefore just respawn instantly or even if the revive timeout was reached. Although I do take great pride in nailing this myself, haha. I have been cracking at this for days now and I am getting a bit blind here, so any help would be lovely at this point. :rolleyes:
  15. Most important vehicle to include for me is without a doubt: AH-64D Apache Longbow (Most awesome chopper ever). /Krycek