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    ExA HMMWV pack

    oh sry I did something wrong with installling >.<
  2. sandmanGER


    >>> new question: This MRAP Caiman has got white glasses which connot be destroyed, I have CBA and your 1.2 version. What is wrong?
  3. sandmanGER

    ExA HMMWV pack

    Sorry that I dig out this old post. I dont find this cars in the editor. Can someone tell me?
  4. sandmanGER

    The Undead Mod

    if i place any resistance units on map, they become a zombie. If i go next to them, they beat me. Mostly I die immediately. But the Resistance doesn't move like the other real zombies. They only beat me if i stand next to them. Is it a know bug? what can i do??
  5. hello, first i want to thank you for your colorCorrection tool. Its really useful. I want to copy the whole code. But where can i found the ArmA.rpt ? *i know, the thread is a bit old, but i hope you help me.