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  1. First, Tactis is a good game! I own all of the armas, and III Tactics is not.. but its great for what it is. Now for my issue. I am trying to run this on my Win8 Yoga 13 tablet. Runs great, looks amazing BUT... I have no sound??? all the other steam games have sound. 2nd, how the heck do you change weapons? :confused: I've tried playing without the mouse, with the mouse, with my xbox controller - no joy. So as the post title says... Thanks in advance! Spike
  2. Hey Bro, thanks for the info; however, your attachment doesn't seem to be working. Chrome just returns the image placeholder without the hyperlink. Spike
  3. @sproyd, Thanks for this info Bro, I have used Splashtop HD and love it yet I was unaware of the GamePad version until your post. Have you created an Arma profile yet? If so, will you share? Thanks again for the post, this works great with Skyrim as well. Spike