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    Deploying the Drones

    Thank you Appogee I never noticed these buttons before. Very kind of you to help
  2. Hi I have completed the campaign mode, and to be honest I really enjoyed it, even with it poor pathfinding and other bugs. I am in the strategy mode now, and have taken out the enemy carrier, I am learing what all the different weapons do, but Im strugging to find out how to launch the drones? I know their are 2 types, but how do I launch them. I have read the booklet & looked on line but cannot find anywhere thats tell/explains how to launch the drones. Many thanks in advance.
  3. @Suranis Many thanks for you help, very kind of you, I will go back to a save before I took the islands around Thermopylae. :)
  4. Thank you Species1571 Lol I did not see the spanner all the time I was playing the game must have got too engrossed in it, but thanks to your clear guidance I cannot miss it, many thanks for that. @Suranis Many thanks for your reply :) So regarding the power plants do I have to go back to a save before I took over the islands around Thermopylae, or can I destroy the power plants now I have taken over all the islands except Thermopylae.
  5. Hi, First off if this is the wrong section to post these questions please feel free to move it. Is it possible to change the island where the barque re-supplys you from ( Vulcan at the moment )? I have taken the 5 islands around Thermopylae ( I just took over the command center's ) but Thermopylae still seems to be protected, as when i take my carrier their it takes a lot of damage. Many thanks
  6. Hi DanatheXavieris I had the same problem as you, I have 2 x 580 running sli, I went to the Nvidia website and downloaded the latest drivers, for me that problem was solved I know you said you have the latest drivers, did you check/download them from the manufacturer website, as sometimes the windows updates dont always get it right. This is such an awesome game, yes it has some bugs, but I am totaly addicted to it. Hope this helps you.
  7. @ WolliSa Hi I had the same problem when I got to Acheron island, i tried different ways to take the island but still had the same problem as you What i did was then go back to the start of the last island save, and and then took another island before i went to Acheron again and so far it has worked for me. Its such a brilliant game, just the many bugs letting it down. Hope this woks for you Soul
  8. I have the same issues as "eharper256" when trying to take Acheron island and i cannot go any further. The game its self is brilliant but this bugs make it impossible to go any further. I run windows 7 64bit, i7 core cpu, I have two 580's running sli, and this beast plays all other games Can the devlopers or who ever please look into this and give us some sort of update please I unistalled the game reloaded it and applyed the Carrier_Command_Patch_1_02 and still the same problem Their are other bugs like the AI and such but this bug wont let me go any further Can anyone offer any help or advice please