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    Hello, I purchased arma 3 when it first came out in alpha. Will I have to pay for the APEX expansion as well? or will I receive it once it is released? that wasn't very clear to me. Thank you.
  2. Hello , I know many people have problems with the description.EXT. I've searched throgh and through but I cannot find any answer on how to convert a TXT. file into an .EXT file. If someone could answer me I would appreciate it, thank you.
  3. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this??Please can a Dev or someone reply?I've tried running arma 2 and then arma 2 arrowhead but I still can't fix it.If I try to run using the CMD a black window with white letters appears then shuts down automatically.
  4. Hello guys!this is my first post and I've been having some trouble related to steam version of Arma.Sometimes it says application still running but that's not the problem,the problem is that whenever I right click on arma OA to start Combined operations the option just..disappeared.Please,can you help me?thanks in advance,I have already tried running as admin, and reinstalling ARMA to no avail.Thank you