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  1. Working on some small props for example water bottle. So it's works as intended with texture and everything, however when dropped on the floor in ArmA 2 OA it is half in the ground. Any help would be appreciated. Deadbeat http://404games.co.uk
  2. deadbeat

    Wasteland for ArmA 3 by 404Games [MP]

    No persistence as of yet but when ArmA 3 is more well known and has a bit more content to play with, more than likely around the beta time of ArmA 3 we might make a Wasteland Mod on ArmA 3 with persistence.
  3. deadbeat

    Wasteland for ArmA 3 by 404Games [MP]

    I would imagine It's because a lot of the players do not like the hardcore side of ArmA where everyone is strict and work very tightly in a group, some people just don't like how serious it is. But everyone to their own is the way I see it.
  4. deadbeat

    Wasteland for ArmA 3 by 404Games [MP]

    Hmm don't know about the Blitzkrieg mission, how many players per server and vehicles per server is it, the main cause of performance issues in wasteland is that there are 120 vehicles and 120 fortifications then lots of dead bodys and gear all over the floor. This is not currently implemented as we need props for food and water. They will be added in again but as a main mission to make them more valuable.
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    Wasteland for ArmA 3 by 404Games [MP]

    Eventually it will go night but as servers don't really have the life time to stay alive I don't think so.
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    Object spawning in the ground

    Hmm tried the suggestions above but still no luck, the Y is above 0 in both max and oxygen an I am not quite sure how landcontact's work.
  7. deadbeat

    Wasteland for ArmA 3 by 404Games [MP]

    Both the law and rpg can be found in the gun stores since 1.01, also they are in the side mission crates.
  8. deadbeat

    Object spawning in the ground

    Thanks for the reply's will go try the suggestions and report back.
  9. Yes copied SaMatra entire mission... Let me add that if someone takes your mission nothing works due to hiding everything in server side, so what did I really take other than some initialization code that does jack shit ?, So I went through the client code to understand how things worked because really it's the only way to find out due to this community being so private about anything mission file related. And then I started working on the stability of the mission file and then weeding out any part of SaMatra's code that I could find. Here is one example of what I was working on. My version of city markers SaMatra's version of town Markers An if you ask me the reason I thought SaMatra didn't deserve credit is because he never credited Tonic for the original development of wasteland. After SaMatra had requested for credit, we put it up on the server for everybody to see. I have put weeks into rewriting SaMatra's client code and will be releasing it shortly, if what I have done is so bad why is the community using it ?
  10. So we started running our mission it was doing well we launched Two extra servers and then we got maliciously attacked for the whole day had to restart the servers every 2 - 4 hours and we were wondering what it was until one of SaMatra's admins got caught in our Remote Execute. So do you want to explain what you and your other admins were doing on our server maliciously attacking it ?? Under the names MoveAlong(SaMatra) and BeTePoK. Rather than coming to us and talking about it, you A) Maliciously attack our servers, then B) Launch a smear campaign on the forums. Sources: http://pastebin.com/Yif4FZAm http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?142373-Wasteland-server-lag-hacker-problems
  11. There are 1-2 small amounts of your code that we are using as placeholders in the UNFINISHED rebuild. Off the top of my head it's parts of the string table and player icons (originally Xeno's). Please cite your slanderous statements that you make in regards to alleged code theft. On a general note: Again you completely miss the point. It appears that you want to claim wasteland as your own and don't want to give back to the community or allow the mod to grow. You are trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes and do a DayZ with Wasteland.
  12. Before SaMatra continues his libelous slew, let me point a few things out: I originally came to wasteland and for the most part, enjoyed it. After playing for a while, I thought it would be nice to host our own due to saMatra's server having terrible desync and ping issues (mostly due to him trying to cater for the entire global player base). After looking around for the mission file, tonic's was the first I came by but it was missing a few critical things. Realising that SaMatra had some of these, I private messaged him and asked if I could host his mission file, to which he said it was not public. I then made contact with another wasteland hoster and coder (MarKeR) and we worked together to make a version for the public (which he fully supports along with everyone else who hosts our mission). We appreciate that Wasteland is not any 1 persons creation and only ever wanted it to be open for everyone to play and not stifled to a small selection of servers hosted outside the EU. So here is our current build which is a bit messy. Current (out-of-date) Here is the new version we have been working on from the ground up. New Version As you can see, we're being completely transparent about our code. Feel free to browse through and offer feedback. We haven't a bad word to say about anyone who uses our code without permission. When you restrict knowledge and openness, the community suffers.
  13. Hi so I have been trying to figure out how to call a script from an add-on. The add-on is not a mod it is just the server code of the mission file but in a pbo so that people can't steal it, but I don't quite understand how to access a script now that i want to run on the client. So we have fnc_hud in the server.pbo or @serverSide add-on. Then I want to do something like: //Server Code fnc_hud = compile preprocessFile "scripts\functions\fnc_hud.sqf"; Then: //Client Code [] spawn fnc_hud; But due to the nature of me having my servercode in a pbo I think there is an issue with the global variable ?? Thanks
  14. deadbeat

    Random loot spawn

    The links go to some very useful information and just what I was looking for thank you.
  15. deadbeat

    PBO Manager

    Was very useful thank you.