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  1. I know man, that's my thread ;) This is an issue whereby - that stuff isn't working suddenly. I'm going to create a completely new mission file for the map, perhaps I just corrupted it or something ? I'll worry about it tomorrow when I can reload the server with no mods and a new config.
  2. Just a plain supply drop. It is honestly as vanilla as you can have it. I'll have a look at the scripts in the mission, I've obviously' f'd something up. Like I said tho, it works fine in SP, and there's nothing different in MP usually.
  3. I have cut this mission down to just a plain support requester and virtual supply drop provider, the support doesn't appear in MP, but will if I preview the mission. I know I can synch them up via script and it'll work, but synching in the editor doesn't seem to ?! I have both an OPFOR and BLUFOR team in this map, should that effect it? Suggestions? Did I miss something here?
  4. Nice answer, that's almost exactly what I'm up to.
  5. Right sorry, I thought add virtual cargo was going to add an unlimited supply of the item when they added 1 item. ;) You know all that _x _y variable stuff is why I cannot read your code right? dw I'm not knocking it, I'm sure it's a lot faster than _this_gun or something ;)
  6. Is it possible to CREATE the support provider/requester via script also ? I notice there's "addeditorobject" however the wiki seems to be short of any kind of examples for it. Nevermind this will work as is.
  7. How would the player access them from the virtual array ? This was the part I was kind of stuck on. Tried getting VAS working, but it seems kinda broken at the moment and I couldn't see any way to limit the numbers of weapons available. I don't think BIS Arsenal supports it at all either. Edit: I suppose items with an amount >0 could be whitelisted? But then I'm unsure how I'd take a weapon out of the list once someone uses it. Like if there's 1 katiba in the VA, then someone uses a katiba, how do you know that to subtract one?
  8. Can this be added to the regular support menu ?
  9. thefinn

    ASR AI 3

    This is for a server.
  10. thefinn

    PG Services (PMC)

    Does this fix the issue with ACE3? After installing this with ACE, the ACE interaction menu disappears never to be seen again.
  11. thefinn

    Sparfell's Workshop

    Awesome thanks!
  12. I'm using this method for making a fire. THE_FIRE = "test_EmptyObjectForFireBig" createVehicle position this; THE_FIRE attachto [this,[0,0,0]]; Which seems to create this pulsating fire effect which is rather off putting even in day time. Can anyone give me a better effect to use? Edit: Nevermind found zeus effects can do what I'm after.
  13. thefinn

    ASR AI 3

    I want to change the AI to be somewhere between regular and novice on my server. Novice seems too easy and regular is absurd - even at night and AI without NVG's we die at a ridiculous rate. Any suggestions?
  14. Pressing "T" while aiming launcher is not working. "Advanced Missile Targeting" is off. Server config is pretty empty. No Module concerning advanced missile targeting is loaded. Suggestions? It is amazingly annoying that this mod interferes where it's not wanted like this.
  15. Isn't that fixed by if (!isServer) ?