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  1. This has been a great mod. At least until I tried the alternate view downward from the scout drone. When I went to the carrier to man the guns, I got the alt-view from the control tower and can't get back to the guns at all. The left-alt key doesn't toggle. As I pan the view the guns move and fire but this is no good for targeting. Whenever I go to carrier weapons screen (0) , I get a brief, momentary view from a gun before the view switches to the control tower. Have I missed something here? Nothing I have tried gets me back to the guns. Even reloads put me into the new view. Outstanding work despite my little problem. Makes a good game better.
  2. SpliceMainbrace

    Manta flares

    How exactly do manta flares work? I have equipped mantas with flares but do not know how to deploy them. Are they automatic? I have not discovered how to map a keyboard command to them. When I receive the missile warning nothing ever seems to happen and then WHAM, I'm hit. Clearly I'm missing something even if the missiles aren't! Thanks in advance!