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  1. Ok, thanks for the quick reply. I wasn't aware that you could buy vehicles.
  2. In the mission "Hostage Down" there is A LOT of 4xtime running/walking... zzz... maybe unlock some vehicles to use form airport. Also in the pirate base all vehicles are locked? Why?...
  3. That is awesome! :D... When will you release an update?
  4. icjinu

    Norwegian Units

    Nice mod. Would be nice with some custom modelling and not just retexturing. I suggest, Ops-Core and/or Crye Precision ballistic Helmets. One thing that is REALLY bothering me is that you have chosen MASSI's weapons as a dependency. Massi's weapons IMO is just quantity and not quality. Why not use better quality like RH and/or HLC etc?
  5. Looks nice, good work, will there be thermal view?
  6. icjinu

    Zeus gaming Nights

    I landed on the Zeus Arma 3 server by chance. I got invited into their teamspeak right away. They are very friendly and invite everybody into their community as long as they are friendly it seems. I have already enjoyed a lot of valuable gaming. They do serious briefing before the game starts and make a good plan. If there is enough people they appoint a platoon leader and use fairly realistic radio procedures with the squad leaders which makes it fun since Arma is a military simulator. I can highly recommend you go check it out if you want valuable gaming time with Arma 3.