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  1. what about the second ending? i searched for the thread but i couldnt see.. do anyone have an idea?
  2. If you have a switch graphic model laptop and if you still want to play, you can play the game windowed size. (not full screen) 1) you should run the game in stamina mode. change the screen settings to window. 2) exit the game, and run it again in speed mode. by the way, you can play the game and quality is not bad. p.s: you should hide the start menu. regards
  3. After i found Aurora, Enemy carrier attacked the 4. island that i captured from the beginnig (frontier), i chased it but it continued to the 3. island (treasure) and i went after it. It continued to the Second Island and captured It (arachnid). After that i deactivate the firewalls and capture the island again. Then, when I check for the factory in the Arachnid, it gave me one walruses and took 2 of my highly equipped wallrus and give me two walrusses with machine guns. As same as in the begging of the game, when i visit same island, it wanted from me that open the gates with using these two walruses at same time.. I did it again and after that, game wanted from me that, capture the command center that i have already captured. I can't and i proceed the 1. island, because i thought enemy carrier over there. (vulcan) When I reach the island, suddenly, I found the enemy carrier, but my carrier is as same as in the begginng of game, (damaged) and in the dock of the island. And island is owned by enemy. Carrier is not repairing and docks are unusable. game returned back to the beggining. I tried to explain but if i failed, i may take some screenshots.