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  1. Ledere

    Zee Identity Pack

    Is there any possibility we can get a template to allow for easy re-texturing of the female uniform?
  2. Since it's being included in 1.64, can we expect a patch to include this functionality?
  3. Ledere

    Zee Identity Pack

    I feel like Oakes could use some love, she looks very similar to Mason, especially if you put some goggles on.
  4. I'm going to put this at the top, the ports ARE forwarded correctly. I'm running a dedicated server on Debian Linux and starting the past couple of days, the server no longer shows up in the browser, it doesn't show up when trying to use remote, and I cannot connect to the server directly using the IP and port, I just stare at the ArmA 3 logo until I hit escape and go back to the main menu. To clarify, the server had been working for a little over a month. Nothing was changed between when it was working to when it stopped working except for a possible unclean shutdown. No updates have been applied According to the Steam API (http://api.steampowered.com/ISteamApps/GetServersAtAddress/v0001?addr=), the server is working as it returns the following information: Additionally, the bottom of my log file shows: Full Log File At this point I've tried validating the server. I've completely reinstalled the server. I've tried launching the server without mods. I've deleted the original profile and tried using the auto generated one. I'm willing to try about anything else at this point. EDIT: This has been resolved. There was an issue with the physical router.
  5. Ledere

    Apex Gear Feedback

    Can we get No Flag variants of the base CTRG Uniform and the NATO Uniforms? Also, is there a stealth uniform in the base CTRG Camo planned? Because CSAT currently gets Hex and Green Hex versions for their stealth uniform.
  6. Ledere

    Zeus Briefing

    I'm currently running ZGM BLUFOR, and I'm having a problem creating briefings for the players. I'll drop down the briefing module from Scenario Flow, input some text, make sure the owner is set to BLUFOR, then hit "OK" However, everytime I've done this, the players say that they can't find the briefing anywhere. I've searched the forums and the bugtracker and I can't find anything on this, so I assume I'm just doing something horribly wrong at this point. Any help would be appreciated.