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    How to find teammates in coop mission

    Yeah, well sometimes I have the chance to board a helicopter (when a teammate is kind enough to wait and doesnt just fly away even if he can see me running towards him :) ) But mostly teammates just hang around the parachute map and *swoosh* - They disappear into nowhere. I figured out that in most cases they parachute over the next target area on the missions list - So this will help for now (aside of just asking where they are - which actually doesn't work often anyway :( )
  2. Hi there, how to determine where my teammates are while on a multiplayer coop mission? Unfortunately I dont understand those hundreds fancy symbols on the map. Since none of them moves I guess its rather showing targets and hints (?) Sometimes theres a "parachute tool" at the HQ where I can parachute to a location on the map. How do I know where a teammate last parachuted? I always end up at a lost place on my very own or right at the top of an enemy base ;)