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  1. I had always wondered about that bit... You can eventually get the droid to open some door somewhere or something like that, but I think I didn't find anything to do after that.
  2. I think I've worked out the cause... Looked at the scripts; when a lot of things happen seems to be determined by how many islands you own... So, I load a save before the Thermopylae assault, go capture a random island, and oh look, the scene with Aurora. Go back to Thermopylae, do everything as before, capture all the areas, and guess what, when I capture the CC area, no cutscene, and everything works as intended! So, if you're having this problem, try capturing one or more islands before doing the driving around Thermopylae. The whole system seems pretty bad; from what I can tell it's based on the number of islands you own in total, not just the number of captures you have made, so if the enemy is taking them back at a similar rate or even faster than you're taking them, you'll either miss things altogether, have them appear at strange times, or maybe even have them appear more than once (I don't see any checks for whether such events have already been run before).
  3. Mooo

    [Guide] Did you know...

    That info about fuel is interesting. I had assumed (no info given in game really...) that "fuel pack" was "better" totally, but seems not after all. Another factor is spam, it can get pretty annoying to see/hear that fuel packs were produced all the time, if I was doing "fuel" instead, that'd be even worse... Loading fuel onto the carrier directly from the stockpile can also mean you lose some, not just when using the barque. As for lasers... I used them a lot, as they are good for pinpoint attacks, and the AI doesn't seem too bad with them either. I've picked off tiny distant turrets etc. with them, and never noticed any aim-assist there. Hmm. (I see mention of beta, maybe the auto-aim for lasers was an old bug?) About 6), the quad-gun (or whatever its called), designed for anti-aircraft, also works fine for attacking buildings/ground units too, but doesn't tilt down far, so you need to be in a good position... This may apply to the other AA weapons too, I haven't tried a lot of things (as laser works nicely ;)).
  4. If you've read the whole thread, you'll see that there is a bug of some kind when capturing the CC area. Actually capturing it isn't a problem, it's what happens when we do that is.
  5. Hmm.. Is that a way to make it work when it's buggy, by somehow avoiding capturing the CC area? Or is it just a strategy for doing the mission when there isn't any bug?
  6. I just did the whole mission again, starting from a save on another island. Same thing happened :( As I don't think it could be something I've managed to accidentally do badly twice during the mission, could it maybe be something to do with which islands the enemy has captured? Which islands you have captured? The position of the enemy carrier?
  7. I have the same problem. I visit the areas it shows in turn, until I get to the CC area. If I destroy stuff around there long enough (the shield is still up), it says I've taken that area. Myrik starts to say something to Essi about proceeding to the research center, but this is cut off by the cutscene of him and Aurora. After that finishes, I'm stuck in the map, one of the characters says we've conquered a new island or whatever, and I can't do anything other than move the carrier. I don't think I've seen that cutscene before. If I ignore the objective marker for the CC, and go straight for the research center instead, I get an objective appearing there for "Reach research center" on the control panel, but can't do anything there, either in a walrus or on foot. I also had problems with the objective marker not appearing for the coolant containers, but not always. Edit: To see what happened, I just waited, and the right things seemed to happen when the time ran out. A question though, do you need to have found Aurora before you do the Thermopylae mission? Perhaps the strange things with her sequences could be related to when you find her?