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  1. I just want to add that the latest beta patch 1.03 still crashes with Access Violations. So this is still a big issue for some of us :(
  2. I get the same thing. Seems the video can't keep up with the sound and plays perhaps 30% too slow. I've got a Radeon 6850 which you'd hope could handle simple video!
  3. fido, yes the crashes are with the latest patch 1.02 installed and I'm running XP 64 bit. I was able to complete the campaign, with much crashing pain, but I'm going to wait for a fix to this before starting any strategy games as it kinda ruins the experience.
  4. I have crashes with almost identical messages to the above. It seems to be when the game tries to read an asset and can seemingly happen anywhere in the game. As the op said it makes the game almost unplayable with crashes as frequently as every few minutes. You therefore have to save every couple of minutes and this ruins the immersion. The Event raised relates to a certain dll. Here it is: Faulting application carrier.exe, version, faulting module enforce3_ltcg.dll, version, fault address 0x0014bc3f.