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  1. Japalax

    1.07 beta

    I've just done a 2nd play through of the campaign, the game is great now :D, but for strategy mode could do with more islands, is it possible you could increase the number of islands? I find strategy mode a bit short :).
  2. Japalax

    targeting computer

    Targeting computer? is that the scanner thing you can build for the manta and walrus?
  3. I don't have the mod yet but I gave the vanilla skirmish mode a try and It's a shame we can't increase number of islands, I wanted to ask if it's possible you could increase the number of islands for skirmish mode for longer games if its possible or do BIS need to patch more islands in :)?
  4. Being patient always pays off :D, Thanks for Informing us BI :D.
  5. Just updated my retail CC to 1.03 and I now get a black screen after a few seconds of running the game .exe I've tried running with admin mode and messing with compatibility mode, my specs are: i7-975 3.33ghz - 6GB DDR3 - GTX295 + 258.96 driver - Win7x64. Not sure what I did wrong, the patch installed fine, any help with this would be appreciated :). I love playing this game, despite this problem I'm having, I'll probably reinstall if no one can think of any solution(s) :).
  6. I've just retaken the island of Arachnid and was heading to Vulcan, it crashes when the carrier runs out of fuel and also my units have stopped repairing & rearming & refueling when I recall them to the carrier, I think it all started when I arrived on Arachnid, If I go to another island the units still have the same problem, I'm not far from completing the game, I just need some more islands or I get that bug where I'm stuck on the map at the island of Thermopylae. Is my campaign save broken :(? I have a few screen grabs of the error messages I get but I don't have permission to upload them, any help on this would be appreciated :)
  7. Do the tools enable us to change the colour and width of the laser weapons?
  8. Japalax

    Real Anti-aliasing?

    Dam that's not what I wanted to hear lol, my current system is an i7 975 quad core, 6gb ddr3 and of course a GTX 295, should I keep the CPU and just get a new video card or build a new system?
  9. Japalax

    Real Anti-aliasing?

    I hope they add in proper AA support via later patches then, I changed my resolution to 1920x1080, looks a bit better, I'd go 2048x1152 but I don't think my gtx 295 will handle it :).
  10. Is there anyway to enable it with out using the awful in game setting, I'm running my game at 1600x900 and the jaggies are still bad, I tried using nvidia control panel but it screws up the game with black and missing textures all over the place.
  11. Japalax

    Computer Specs

    I can run the game with low/medium settings on my M11xR3 i7 & GT540m, so you should be able to put a pc together for $1000 :).
  12. Thanks Harbinger, I too your advice and am installing via optical network sharing as we speak :). *update, game works now :D*
  13. Hi folks :), I bought the retail game and now I want to install it on to my laptop and its a M11xR3, I have a desktop and I had a try at making a disk image with daemon tools lite but the install was unsuccessful, how do I go about installing it, as I don't have an external dvd/blu ray drive for it and I'm sure you can understand I'm not about to spend more money to get a steam version when I already own the game. any help would be appreciated :).
  14. Ah thanks for the quick reply, oh I almost forgot, I plan on playing this on my desktop but would like to install it on my M11xR3 laptop when I'm on the road, will that be possible or will I need to buy another copy :)?.