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    One and a half years in beta

    Hi guys. Development on the game has been stopped. BI never announced this, which is pretty disgusting treatment of their customers. They were probably afraid that if they announced they would no longer be fixing the game, people would start asking for refunds, and it's too late now. I'm afraid you're going to have to enjoy the game in it's current broken state.
  2. You shouldn't have to. This company is so bad that the link to their latest non steam beta patch is broken.....I mean come on. They've taken people's money, and then not even told them that they've stopped development. It's just ridiculous.
  3. Afraid not. Development was stopped silently. That's right, they care about you so little, they couldn't even be bothered to announce there'd be no more patches. It's an absolute joke.
  4. I believe development has now stopped, but they just haven't said anything. I've added another link to another case of a computer gaming company being fined for not offering refunds on faulty games. It is an example for Australia, but similar laws exist in Europe. Carrier command, is a faulty game that was never fixed.
  5. Unfortunately Species, I would not hold your breath. It would seem to me that they stopped working on this game a long time ago, and didn't tell anybody. I just think this is the worst customer relations ever, and I will never pay a penny for a BI game ever again as they clearly don't care. What's interesting is I've been playing a game called X Rebirth lately, which started off an absolut disaster just like carrier command, if not worse (if that's possible). But they actually issued apologies for the state of the game at launch, and they're still working on it and it gets better with each release. I've even been given a free DLC pack / expansion, for buying the game when I did. It's a shame BI didn't take this attitude and right all the wrongs, but even the game engine itself is in such a poor condition that I guess even BI know it would be uneconomical to put it right, so they just stopped all work on it and hoped no one would notice. Even the link for their latest patch of this game hasn't worked in months, how stupid can a group of people get?! lol. Thanks for the modding that you done though, your mod made the game from unbearable, to playable for the short term. I would like to finish off by reminding people to read this thread I made a while back: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?145659-Finished-Campaign-and-Strategy-mode-now-here-s-my-%28LARGE%29-bugs-list if you live in the EU, i'm pretty sure you could still press for a refund. The fact that BI state they don't offer refunds for game bugs (as one person said in this forum when they sent BI an email), is very much against the law in the European Union.
  6. haha, doesn't it just make you want to /facepalm ? I checked the link also, it's definitely no longer working even though it used to. I suppose it's only right that the BI websites should function as badly as their games. :-)
  7. Several behaviours I remember from the previous game: (1) Your home base / starting point island (Vulcan) had to be connected to your stockpile island (Otherwise the transfer of materials and items was not possible) (2) You had to go back to the stockpile island to resupply (3) Stockpile island could be re-assigned instantly but the game calculated / estimated how long it would take to transit materials from one island to the next - and it did that with everything (items sent from old stockpile to new stockpile, and newly constructed items sent to new stockpile and therefore items would arrive at different times increasing realism). If the old stockpile wasn't connected to the new stockpile, I believe it wouldn't transfer stockpiled items and those would be lost (but i could be wrong on that) (4) It took a relatively short time for the Command Centre to build after placing down a builder pod.
  8. atroublestarter


    It's basically a really cheap shortcut the programmers used in making the game. Nothing is considered in real time, each island loads as you arrive. So, if you arrive at ANY island, the island is always fully constructed (it's never under construction like it could be in the original carrier command). Also, if you take over an island, it's rare to see it actually build anything - it just all spawns when you next arrive at the island. This has also created some bugs - one example being that if you wear down an enemy island and then destroy the enemy carrier, the in-game movie of the carrier's destruction will cause the enemy island to spawn back up to 100% health when returning to the game after the enemy carrier sinks. This really hampers the realism factor. It's a prime example of how a remake can take several steps back compared to an original title that was built on primitive technology.
  9. Like the title says. It's been months and months now, and patch 1.7 is STILL in beta. The forums are dead. Has BI stopped patching and hoped that no one notices?
  10. I think he means the quality of the game is like one that's in beta....I have to agree really, even after 6 patches the game seems pretty 'thrown together' really. If a sequel was to come out, I would find some way to play it for free first (such as round a friend's house, for example :-) or a games expedition of course), before I spend another penny on any BI game. Amateur modders on these forums have fixed more bugs than the developer staff, so it's not surprising that a lot of people are disappointed. Apparently, no one else is concerned it's 3 months since 1.07 beta release and it still hasn't been made an official patch....
  11. Some great ideas! But I wonder if it will ever get to the point where it is possible to see them in reality. Flat islands, with randomly generated base layouts and self re-building structures would be awesome too, along with island mantas and enemy carrier mantas being changed to different aircraft like in the original !
  12. atroublestarter

    1.07 beta

    You mean like when they made the old carrier command over 10 years ago, on a 2.44mb disk? :j:
  13. atroublestarter

    Mouse acceleration

    haha, i like it!! or, the developers could do a better job and raise SOME faith in them by testing the problem themselves...
  14. atroublestarter

    Mouse acceleration

    Perhaps you are right and hopefully you are right that i just misunderstood him. I'm guessing Dwarden is a developer? by "could not justify the resources to remove the acceleration", does resources mean manpower time to make the changes? If so, it's almost like they're outright stating that our problems are not worthy of being fixed.
  15. I'm glad to hear you have faith in the developers that so far have failed to fix certain bugs in their own game, compared to modders like Species and others who fixed these bugs in the game in a very short time (such as the instant jumping of the carrier direction from manual control to autopilot for example). As you can probably tell, my faith is draining away :annoy: