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  1. With an i7 you want to have -cpucount=4 set to 8 Since you got 8 cores. i5 have 4
  2. Hi. I jumped into a the KA 60 and started the engine up. Then before takeoff my head tilted to the side as got stuck there. It's probably from the death modeling when in vehicles. I only used Q at the time of the when my head tilted to the side.
  3. Hi. I'm using a creative G35 USB headset. Sometimes i have to replug the headset to get sound when it goes out. Last night the audio went out. I replug'ed the headset TS/Winamp/Facebook/Windows sounds returned but sound in Arma 3 did not. Had to restart the game. If you need any infomation just msg me. Kloster.
  4. Hi. I'm looking for a team that has a good base, Knows there stuff. And have a mid size to very large player base. 20+ Avid gamer. 27 years of age. Danish Great English. Timezone: EU (GTM +1) Played Operation Flashpoint but i never really got into it since non of my friends played it at that time. I bought Arma 2 when it came out but i never really got the hang of it, And a having a PC that can't run the game at that time really affected my dession not to play it. I started playing Arma 2 again when the DayZ wave came. At that time i started to play Arma 2 missions from armaholics with friends and did some fiddle of my own with missions. But its tough to master. I play Milsim my self in Denmark where i live, Though in the recent years i started more to be the Game master/Admin at the games. But when i do come out and play its usually in the role of a NCO depending on the size of the game and the amount of players. If not. Then im the medic depending on who we got on the team. Hope to hear from any teams. Thomas.
  5. Hi. I'm looking for a EU serious big team to play with. I don't want to hear from 0-20 teams. I want the 30+ active players where they play serious co-op or pvp. All mods/addons are accepted. 27 year old, And from Denmak. Iknow how radio and rank works. I play milsim IRL and many of my friends are active/ex members of the Danish military. Contact me on the forum or on skype. Skype: Hulemann Talk to you later.