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  1. I tried reinstalling game completely, but nothing helps to run it with AMD card.
  2. Hi! I have a laptop with switchable graphics, Intel 5500 to AMD Radeon R9 M275X. I've tried launching it with Intel graphics first and it worked, but when I switched to AMD card game throws error on start and crashes. --------------------------- Engine error --------------------------- ERROR: Device error: 80070057 --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Is there any way I can fix this game? I thought this error might be because it somehow configured itself to work with Intel card and cannot now re-configure to AMD, so I searched for configs and settings and removed them. But this didn't help. I'm trying this game on Steam. Thanks.
  3. I'll try again, but that time island never turned into blue, it was neutral all the time while i've captured couple more islands.
  4. Steam screenshot feature works fine in other games and won't work in CCGM, are you saying its Steam issue? I've tried F1-F12, Numpad *, Numpad -, +, ~, Tab, End, BackSpace, [, z keys as screenshot key, nothing worked. F6 -- Video recording feature, saves video into player's profile folder. For me it always open dialog to select codec, so game freezes and I need to press ALT+TAB to see it and this feature works. I can record video for you think its my imagination. F7 -- Screeenshot feature, saves screenshots in TGA format instead of JPEG. And looks like Steam version is broken, here what i've got instead of normal screenshot as it was in retail version of CCGM. Retail version saves this video and screenshots into user's profile folder with saves "My Documents/Carrier Command Gaea Mission", steam version will save media into userdata folder. You may call it using different terms, but first records video and second makes screenshots.
  5. Can I see some indication of progress somewhere? Because when I've returned only ruins was visible and I was able to start another building process over the same Command center.
  6. Yes, I want enemies more aggressive -- radar should not affect manta's vision, because, from the top it's natural to see enemies in direct. And adding to this masking device would be good addition, i think. And yes, I've tried to set waypoints for warlus, but it always was destroyed because it takes too much time to decide how to handle stone on the road or just turn left or right.
  7. I've played through tutorial and have thoughts I want to share: Would be nice if walruses while docking, automatically turn to enemy evading tactic, if it hardly damaged, and not going through enemy base just because its shorter(especially when there are enemy warlus partol detected). Also, would be nice If player will be able to mute warluses and mantas so they will not attack close enemies. Not sure is there are in-game Masking device that makes invisible my mechs to enemy? Thanks
  8. How long it will take to rebuild Command Center from capsule? I've played a bit with tutorial and on one island i've tried to hack Command Center but it blowed away and tip said that I should rebuild it. So, i've got building capsule and started rebuilding process, there appeared Command center hologram and i've decided to move out because all objectives was completed, but when I've got back to that island, only ruins ramained. I've tried to build Command Center again using another production capsule with no success -- i've waited 15 minutes and nothing happened.
  9. Hi! Looks like this forum is right place where to post this issue. I cannot make screenshots while playing Steam version. I've found that Carrier Command has own video recording and screenshot functionality but I would like to use steam screenshots feature as well. I've tried to bind it to different keys on keyboard(and numpad too), but nothing worked. Game has lots of moment I would like to catch and that's sad I can't share them using Steam community features.