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  1. Hmmm, you might be on to something. I took all islands by hack, except for two in which I destroyed the CC by accident. I'll try to "lose" the marsh islands and take them back to see if anything changes. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your help, Dram and Scepticer! However, now it seems I'm more lost than before. :-) I don't have Thermopylae, or any other Volcanic island on the strategic map. After taking Fulcrum, I get access to 11 more islands east of Fulcrum. The mission is to search these islands, but after taking them all, there has been no cutscenes or tasks to find any power stations or the island of Thermopylae. What are the names of the surrounding islands, and do you have any idea what I could have done wrong?
  3. Need help with this one: After taking Fulcrum, the mission is to find the torpedo that can enable me to sink the enemy carrier. I have now captured (and searched) all islands on the map (of course the enemy have taken some back) but still no sign of the torpedo. I then tried to engage the enemy carrier without it and won..... 3 times in a row, but it keeps "respawning" and I can't seem to get on with the campaign. Can anyone help me with this, either with how to find the torpedo or in another way?